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Our Systems products enable organizations to optimize the performance of their IT infrastructure, applications and platforms. Whether on a journey of digital transformation or managing legacy applications, we help enterprises manage their critical information and transactions.  Service levels are being tightened to accommodate growing demand. Mature mainframe systems need to be managed as efficiently as possible with dependable, reliable and accurate tools that get the job done.

ASG Technologies helps transform your business by improving efficiency, productivity, and cost savings with competitive products that span public and private clouds, mainframe and distributed environments.

Discover how ASG products:

  • Increase the potential of IT systems that power your enterprise through performance analysis, reporting and capacity planning
  • Increase the ROI from your applications with multiple improvements, including increased developer productivity throughout the software life cycle
  • Reduce risk and simplify your daily and future multi-platform workload needs, so that your IT staff can respond quickly to today’s demand and plan for future growth

Optimize Development and Performance for Your Applications

Applications Management

Gain end-to-end understanding of application assets across your enterprise.  ASG’s application testing solutions provide an integrated set of tools that enable application developers to perform routine tasks with incomparable efficiency and accuracy.  You’ll discover greater returns from custom, composite, and packaged applications with the transparency ASG delivers.


Schedule and Automate Workload for Better Ops

Operations Management

Simplify both the complex day-to-day and long-term operational tasks for your operations decision-makers and IT administrators using multi-platform workload automation. These products effectively schedule, manage, and monitor workloads across your enterprise and provide coordination and insight into real-time activities happening across the business.

Manage Performance Across Technology Environments

Performance Management

Realize the true potential of the IT systems that power your enterprise through infrastructure analysis, reporting and capacity planning. Effectively monitor, analyze and manage your computing environment, from supporting systems, applications, and components to platforms.