Continuous Data Monitoring and Analysis for Policy-Driven Results

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Audit & Analytics Services helps you improve operational performance, strengthen internal controls, reduce occupational fraud and comply with regulations by automating business audit and reconciliation rules in line with policies.

Audit & Analytics Services continuously scans corporate information regardless of type, source and volume to detect, analyze and prevent data discrepancies. It compares and validates unstructured data and content with the corresponding information found in structured reports, invoices, customer statements, and other documents to ensure data integrity exists between systems, spreadsheets and sources of information. 

Information Balancing and Item Reconciliation

Scans and gathers information from identified sources and compares the data in accordance to corporate-defined information governance policies to identify data patterns, anomalies, and inconsistencies. If a data anomaly is discovered, an item reconciliation process can be started automatically.

File Verification

Verifies files are located where they need to be as a safeguard to eliminate devastating errors through missing, altered, or duplicate files. File verification checks can prevent serious process-integrity issues, without interfering with or sacrificing speed of automated operations.

Create New Business Intelligence and Dynamic Visualization Reports

Audit & Analytics Services enables you to access Big Data sources, including SAP Hana, Apache Spark and Hadoop, and Mobius to acquire, prepare and find and sought-after information. Integration with dynamic visualization tools like Tableau and Qlik gives you the flexibility to visually analyze data with your tools of choice.