Ensure Consistent Interfaces with Mobius’ Web Components 

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With so many applications and programs available, employees are more efficient within familiar interfaces. Mobius View provides an efficient and easy-to-use user interface with reusable Web components to access enterprise information. With Web components, you ensure access points look the same, no matter the delivery environment. With this powerful feature, organizations are able to eliminate inconsistent user interfaces across client devices. Business users and suppliers have consistent and efficient access to their critical documents and content from multiple devices and locations.

Search and Federation for Improved Viewing

Mobius enables end-users to search for and display Mobius content stored anywhere in the enterprise, providing them with an easy to use interface that simplifies locating documents. It offers simultaneous viewing of multiple diverse documents and flexible viewing options.

Unlock the value of your content with Mobius View,  a seamless, bidirectional interface for accessing, storing, and delivering all of your content in disparate sources, including the Mobius and CMIS content repositories. All users, including customers and employees, have quick and easy tools to locate the information they desire.

Hassle Free User Interface
Mobius View does not require client Java applets and plug-ins, improving security, administration and maintenance.  Available with reusable Web components, it gives Web developers the ability to quickly and easily add UI components to any Web application to search, access, view, download, and link enterprise content indexed and archived in the Mobius Repository or CMIS connected repository.
Bring Users Convenient Content Viewing across the Business
  • Viewing Made Easy Automatically reformats and Web-enables content, such as PDF documents, without changing or copying original content, securely delivering your content quickly.
  • Access to All Content Retrieve and view content in any existing Web-services based system without the extra cost and time of developing customized Java to achieve the same end.
  • Powerful Search Capabilities Perform full-text search against the entire repository for documents and associated content – all searches can be saved and be reused as needed.
  • Enhanced Customization Incorporate company logos, images, headers, and/or footers added to the Web-based user interface without building a custom application. Web developers can also globally change fonts, colors, and images.
  • Configuration and Administration Enjoy high-availability with high-speed performance, load balancing, and failover support provided with easy installation and configuration capabilities providing access to content quickly.