Protect Your Customers and Achieve Compliance

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Protect sensitive information from unauthorized exposure and achieve regulatory compliance with automated, rules-based full and partial redaction capabilities from ASG Technologies. Mobius offers Granular Policy Management services include sharing and viewing policies driven by mobile responsiveness, secured viewing and redaction.

The Mobius View - Redaction tool obfuscates Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Sensitive Personal Information (SPI), preventing unauthorized viewing of sensitive data.

Stay Trustworthy and Secure With Full or Partial Redaction

Mobius View™ - Redaction redacts text, PDF/PS, AFP, PCL, and DJDE/Metacode files for PII and SPI in the Mobius Repository. In addition, reports from the repository and log files can be redacted.The redaction process supports automation based on a set of defined business rules and user roles. Customization is supported by your own business rules to fit your needs. Full and partial redaction is supported, this process is semi-automated to query reports for personal and sensitive information that needs to be redacted.

Use Mobius View™ - Redaction and enable your business to:

  • Identify and obfuscate PII and SPI automatically
  • Comply with privacy, security and disclosure regulations efficiently
  • Eliminate 3rd party redaction tools and manual processes
  • Integrate redaction with content and records management processes
  • Reduce the cost of regulatory compliance