Customize Content Applications for Your Business 

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Every business has their own requirements and needs. ASG Technologies helps you meet those needs by exposing application logic from sites, applications and repositories to share information with our REST API (Representational State Transfer Application Program Interface). The Mobius View - REST API, in short, allows you to provide content as a service from anywhere, including custom applications and end user applications.

With single sign-on capabilities, you will be able to store and retrieve content from applications inside and outside the firewall. For example, insurers can enable agents with customized access to their enterprise portal, allowing them retrieve commission reports or view customer policies.

Custom Access for Specific Needs

The REST API allows you to customize your Web application any way you choose, giving you complete flexibility in determining how your users can access information. The REST API provides granular programmatic access to Mobius View functionality, leveraging an easy-to-use set of HTTP endpoints that enable these content services in simple JSON format.