Transform Any Data Stream to Meet Your Needs

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The Mobius Repository with its granular policy management foundation provides content services to ingest/index, retrieve, manage, store, transform, and publish any content from disparate applications, repositories, and platforms in cloud, distributed, mainframe, and hybrid environments.

The Mobius Repository functions as both a content storage service with Web delivery of content and a long-term archive for regulatory compliance. Advanced indexing technology puts content into context by associating it with shared business values. A transformation engine creates an exact replica of content stored in its native format and automatically renders it into the appropriate format for delivery across multiple channels, including printer, fax, email, browser, wireless, tablet and more.

With management services that can have defined life cycles to ensure accurate content storage and long-term archiving, the Mobius Repository helps organizations meet corporate policies and regulatory mandates.

Protecting Your Customers and Ensuring Compliance

he Mobius Repository uses powerful policy wrappers that enable at-rest archive encryption functionality, ensuring that any content stored in the Repository can only be accessed by authorized users through intended service channels. Any attempt at unauthorized access to Mobius Repository content outside of the server is virtually impossible based on the use of state-of-the-art encryption key algorithms. This capability can be used selectively for only those archives that encryption is desired. Encryption keys can also be varied by content over time to obtain a greater level of security.

The Mobius Repository with its content services architecture offers policy-driven responsiveness, security and accessibility. It is deployable on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model.  Combined with Mobius View™ and its components to integrate content, manage records, and redact information, the Mobius Repository makes managing content easy.

Growing with Your Company

With its superior content services architecture, the Mobius Repository enables unlimited scalability, flexibility, and interoperability necessary for aggregating and integrating all enterprise content.

This is the only content solution that supports:

  • Any content: Mobius provides direct access to any content or record type from any source and requires no third-party software to process these formats.
  • Any volume: Mobius imposes no limits on repository size or user numbers.
  • Any platform: Mobius is platform-independent. Users obtain a logical, single-system view of content distributed across multiple repositories and hardware platforms.
  • Any storage device: Your archives can be stored on any storage device, including tape, disk, optical, CD, and DVD.
  • Any client: Mobius delivers and presents any content to authorized employees, business partners, suppliers, or customers through their client of choice - browser or Windows-based viewer, enterprise application client, Web application, portal, or PDA.