More than ECM, ASG Helps You Tackle the Challenges of Storing and Managing Unstructured Data

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Enable your business with ASG’s content solutions and take advantage of the next generation in enterprise content management (ECM).

We provide unified and simplified management of content regardless of content type, size or platform, as well as customized document processing and output management.

Access, index, link and store petabytes of information in any format from virtually any data sources across multiple systems (mainframe, distributed, and Web-based).

Unlike common ECM systems, ASG Content Solutions work with your existing IT environments and business processes, so you don’t have to throw out decades of investment to make room. They address content scalability, aggregation and integration issues, map to information governance requirements, and provide customized document processing and output management while streamlining your operations.

Easily manage and distribute your content according to corporate policies, industry regulations and government mandates, ensuring compliance and business success.
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Customers Need Mobius Document Management

Systems Analyst, Howard Yao, describes how Mobius helps his company and customers.


  • Maximize control and security
  • Increase repository access and efficiency
  • Reduce cost
  • Optimize processes
  • Increase needed visibility, while lowering complexity


  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Open, cross-platform solution available on premise and hybrid environment
  • Powerful data and content integration for customized report distribution
  • Forms management
  • Data mining
Capture and Optimize Your Enterprise Content to Make Informed Business Decisions

Mobius offers an content solution system with a flexible architecture that manages any content type regardless of size or platform.

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Accuracy and Speed
Optimize and Output Meaningful Business Information

Cypress streamlines business processes and lowers print costs with a centralized, integrated and automated document processing and output solution for electronic and paper documents.

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Business Decisions