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Technology Alliance Partners

Technology Alliance Partners (TAP) are software vendors that enhance the value proposition of ASG Technology’s solutions and desire a proactive, joint go-to-market strategy. ASG works with these partners on software and integrations of complementary solutions. Currently we are focused on software vendors that enhance our value proposition via connectors and complementary technologies in the areas of Enterprise Data Intelligence, Digital Work Place and Content Solutions. These partners are committed to developing and executing a GTM plan that includes joint sales and marketing. 
The TAP program offers many benefits including:
  • Access to the Partner Portal, a one stop shop for deal registration, marketing and sales collateral, sales tools, marketing resources and more
  • Sales assistance and sales enablement training
  • Technical enablement and training
  • Partner Demonstration (NFR) Licenses
  • Marketing Assistance / Demand Generation
  • Market Development Funds
  • Technical Support
  • Professional Services
ASG Technologies provides peace of mind to each of our customers. With proven solutions for information access, management and control, ASG Technologies enables greater insight to drive intelligent decisions from legacy to leading edge environments. By partnering with ASG, you too can provide customers with peace of mind and grow your business.
Our partners matter and ASG is committed to your success.We offer innovative solutions, a rewarding partner program and a sales team ready to help you win. We designed the ASG Partner Program to help your company grow, learn and prosper when selling ASG’s solutions.
Below are some of our premier technology alliance partners and a description of our joint value proposition.