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Business Partners Program

ASG Business Partners are national and regional partners that market, sell, service and support enterprise solutions and services. ASG works with these partners to ensure regional coverage with unique offerings, deep competency and strong coverage directed at enterprise and mid-market accounts.

Currently we are focused on business partners with a deep and proven competency in master data management or metadata management concepts and technology who sell or support complementary or competitive solutions.

Business Partner Sales Motions

ASG partners can earn fees by providing sales and marketing assistance to ASG that help secure license sales from end customers or earn margins by reselling ASG licenses to their customers. ASG’s Business Partners earn rewarding benefits under either sales motion and can select the approach that best fits each sales pursuit.
ASG has programs to support managed services and cloud provider business models plus traditional outsourcing/hosting models. Contact us for more information on these programs.

Partner Program Benefit Structure

ASG’s partner program benefit structure is unique in the industry. We offer one benefit structure for both referral and resale transactions. The partner will earn referral fees on approved referral transactions and margin on resale transactions. Fees and margins are earned based upon certain program criteria. Contact us to learn more.

Business Partners List: