Commitment to Partner Success

Partners are integral in driving greater value to ASG’s Products and Solutions. Our Partner Program is designed to provide meaningful and relevant resources to help Partners learn, grow and prosper when selling and supporting ASG solutions.

The ASG Partner Program includes:

  • Login access to ASG’s Partner Portal
  • Training & Enablement
  • Technical Support
  • Partner Demonstration (NFR) Licenses
  • Market Development Funds
  • Deal Registration, policies and programs
  • Professional Services, Sales and Marketing resources
  • Outsourcers and Systems Integrators

    Outsourcers and Systems Integrators

The global Outsourcing and System Integrator Program is comprised of global advisory and consulting firms. ASG works with these Partners with an industry and/or offering approach directed at global and enterprise accounts.

  • Technology Alliance Partners

    Technology Alliance Partners

Technology Alliance Partners (TAP) are software vendors that enhance the value proposition of ASG solutions. ASG works with TAP Partners on software and integrations of complementary solutions – with a focus on connectors and complementary technologies in the areas of Systems, Data Intelligence and Content Services.

  • buisness-1.png

    Business Partners

ASG Business Partners are national and regional Partners that market, sell, service and support enterprise solutions and services - with proven competency in metadata management, data catalogs, data governance, data lineage, content services, business process automation, workload automation, systems performance and application management. ASG works with these Partners to ensure regional coverage with unique offerings, deep competency and strong coverage directed at enterprise and mid-market accounts.

Partner Program Benefit Structure


ASG’s Partner Program Benefit Structure is unique in the industry. ASG offers one benefit structure for both referral and resale transactions. The Partner will earn referral fees on approved referral transactions and margin on resale transactions. Fees and margins are earned based upon certain program criteria.

ASG & Partner Collateral