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Recent acquisitions of critical mainframe software vendors introduce uncertainty regarding the acquirer’s commitment to support & investment in critical mainframe capabilities. With Broadcom acquiring CA Technologies, no one can be certain of the future of all their mainframe products. Will Broadcom commit to support all CA Technologies’ mainframe products, even as the market recognizes CA was not investing in mission essential offerings such as CA-7, CA scheduler, CA-JCLCheck, Workload Automation, and CA-SYSVIEW?

Not only does ASG Technologies have Industry leading Customer Support for our Mainframe Solutions, we are investing in the development of our products and much more! Check out our TMON Performance, Z-Team Workload Automation and Mobius Content Management solutions and learn why it is better to go with a KNOWN rather than an UNKNOWN.

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“The transition from the replaced monitoring products to the ASG-TMON products was easy and seamless. ASG has a strong technical support team who are fully trained in all TMON products. Their support allowed for a successful transition.”

Bill Raser

Senior Vice-President Primerica, Inc.

ASG Performance Management

ASG’s TMON Performance Management products help you realize the true potential of the IT Systems that power your enterprise through infrastructure analysis, reporting and capacity planning. You can effectively monitor, analyze and manage your computing environment, from the supporting systems, applications, components, and platforms to ensure the end-user experience. ASG’s products deliver everything you need to maximize IT performance and availability. Additionally, you’ll enjoy rapid time-to-implementation and low total cost of ownership.

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ASG’s Z-Team Workload Automation Solutions

You hear it all the time: do more with less! It has become the mantra of the past decade, particularly in IT. You are constantly falling victim to budget cuts and restraints; meanwhile, business continues to grow, new applications are added all the time, technology continues to change, and you find it increasingly difficult to keep pace with it all. With ASG, you gain access to a suite of tools to make clear sense of daily and future operation needs, so that your IT staff can respond quickly to today’s demand and plan for future growth.

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ASG Mobius Content Services Platform

Mobius is a modern Content Services Platform that is implemented on the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment. It is architected to take advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud computing capabilities, including content and data security, availability and auto-scaling. Mobius uses REST API for standards-based integration and extension and its policy foundation provides a consistent means to govern, manage and retain information.

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