ASG Technologies Advances Automation, Orchestration and Security for DevOps Value Streams

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 | Naples, Florida

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator updates further enable organizations to streamline the flow of value to their customers and strengthens DevSecOps in value streams spanning mainframe to cloud
ASG Technologies Advances Automation, Orchestration and Security for DevOps Value Streams

ASG Technologies, a leading provider of solutions for the information-powered enterprise, today unveiled new capabilities for its DevOps Value Stream Management Platform, ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator 4.2. This release further enables Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) and DevOps teams to visualize, orchestrate and automate development and operational value streams spanning mainframe to cloud. Version 4.2 introduces new capabilities that strengthen DevSecOps and automate manual, time-intensive processes for implementing changes in value streams.

As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation and value streams become more complex, advancements to ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator enable I&O and DevOps teams to optimize business process flows, improve resource efficiency and accelerate the delivery of innovation to customers through:

  • Multi-platform value stream orchestration: cloud to mainframe from a single console
  • DevOps toolchain automation: power orchestration throughout the software development life cycle
  • Value stream visualization and choreographing: modern whiteboarding to reduce complexity

New ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator capabilities that strengthen DevSecOps and automate change management processes include:

  • Secure Promote: enables developers to create a package of changes to value streams that can be accepted into QA or Production by those with proper security, elevating DevSecOps in end-to-end value streams
  • Batch Updates: allows for automatic updates to multiple items in value streams and removes the manual effort of updating separate items, reducing time and costs and increasing productivity

“To meet today’s IT challenges, our customers are looking for solutions that enable them to quickly, easily and securely manage complex DevOps value streams in their hybrid IT infrastructure, from mainframe to cloud,” said Ken Gross, Partner Development Executive at Mainline. “Through our partnership with ASG and these newest advancements to ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator, we’re able to meet that need and enable customers to innovate and provide value faster.”

“The events of the last year made it clear that IT leaders need to break down silos that exist within their workflows to manage end-to-end value streams more efficiently and effectively,” said Anna Murray, Director of Product Management at ASG. “ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator enables our customers to automate and orchestrate their value streams from mainframe to cloud and ensure data remains secure throughout the workflow process, which frees them up to focus on delivering the right value for their end users and customers.”

For more information, check out the blog post on the new release and join ASG’s webinar, Embracing DevOps Value Stream Management, from Mainframe to Cloud, on April 15 at 11 a.m. ET. You can also learn more about ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator by visiting ASG’s DevOps automation page.