Prospecta and ASG Technologies Partner to deliver enhanced automation and document management capabilities for vendor management

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 | Naples, Florida

Prospecta and ASG’s partnership brings enhanced automation and unstructured data management capabilities to streamline Vendor management process
Prospecta and ASG Technologies Partner to deliver enhanced automation and document management capabilities for vendor management

Prospecta, a key player in the enterprise data management solution market, and ASG Technologies, a leading provider of solutions for the information-powered enterprise, today announced a new partnership to help organizations automate their data and document management processes. Through this partnership, ASG’s information management capabilities will enable a higher level of automation for Prospecta’s Master Data Online solution, easing many of the data management-related pain points organizations face today.

Enterprises are responsible for more data than ever before, resulting in employees spending significant time managing that data and ensuring their organization is handling it in a way that is compliant with all relevant regulations. This environment is further complicated by the myriad formats in which data is shared with organizations, which can force employees to have to comb through documents to identify relevant information. Because of this, many organizations struggle to turn data into actionable insights.

“Today’s organizations are receiving data from both structured and unstructured sources, making data management a long, complicated process,” said Kaushik Bagchi, vice president, information management at ASG Technologies. “To lessen the impact of this complexity, organizations need solutions that can ingest, analyze and glean insights from data automatically, ensuring the proper governance is in place without requiring employee intervention.

The partnership between Prospecta and ASG delivers these capabilities by automating the time-consuming task of searching through both structured and unstructured data sources to find relevant data. By combining ASG’s information management expertise and technology with Prospecta’s master data management capabilities, together the two organizations deliver out-of-the-box automation, helping customers shorten their product development cycle and deliver enhanced solutions faster than ever before.

“Information management is a critical aspect of the modern organization’s ability to compete, but it can also be a significant stumbling block,” said Ranjan Bakshi, founder and CEO of Prospecta. “By coupling ASG’s expertise in this area with our data governance capabilities, we are able to provide customers with a way to automate data and document management processes, leading to a more streamlined and competitive organization.

“As the Asia Pacific region – and the world – continues to rely on data to make smart business decisions, having processes in place that allow employees to manage data efficiently is key,” said Jayant Saikia, chief technology officer of Prospecta. “By automating the way data is ingested and governed, we are able to deliver efficiency to our customers, allowing their employees to focus on more complex, value-added tasks without sacrificing compliance.

“With its unparalleled experience in the data and document management space, Prospecta is an important partner for ASG in the Asia Pacific region,” said Saurabh Kothari, vice president, channels and alliances at ASG Technologies. “Together, we will provide an end-to-end integrated documentation system for our customers, a critical need for those in the manufacturing, retail and government sectors. With these capabilities, organizations will have access to a higher level of automation, allowing employees to focus on value-added work that helps drive their business forward.

To learn more about ASG’s partners, visit the Partner Program page.

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