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ASG Technologies Introduces ASG-Zenith Digital Automation Platform

Monday, October 21, 2019 | Naples, Florida

Accelerates automation of content-centric processes enabling business stakeholders to transform business models faster
ASG Technologies Introduces ASG-Zenith Digital Automation Platform
ASG Technologies today announced its new digital automation platform, ASG-Zenith™. ASG-Zenith is a unified platform that accelerates and simplifies digitization initiatives. ASG-Zenith creates a new approach to process automation and includes multiple technologies—such as business process management (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA) and policy and content privacy—united through ASG-Studio, a single, common, visual design environment.

Businesses automating their processes face the pressures of increasing demands to connect and transact through digital channels, all while complying with increasing regulation of data privacy. ASG-Zenith empowers customers and partners to rapidly and seamlessly build flexible business solutions on top of common business services with out-of-box mobility, using a modern model-driven business platform—unlike alternative solutions that require cumbersome integration of multiple products. ASG-Zenith supports privacy by design, enabling policy-decision management through the same common design environment, ASG-Studio. With ASG-Studio, teams that know the business best can assemble, deploy and update automated processes without extensive technical training and specialized skills.

ASG-Zenith enables IT and business users to work together to leverage their respective knowledge of technology and the business to accelerate the delivery of automated processes. ASG-Zenith is introduced in a SaaS-based delivery model with future offerings for hybrid and on-premises deployments planned.
The ASG-Zenith platform is comprised of the following components:
  • ASG-Studio: Single low-code/no-code model-driven design environment for assembly of process automation and business applications that enables users to learn once and use everywhere including for workflows, content-centric processes, robotic automations and content governance policies
  • Process Services: BPM and RPA that can be used standalone or linked for higher levels of automation of repetitive business processes
  • Decision Services: Abstracted policy engine that attaches rules to content to make decisions and add intelligence throughout its lifecycle
  • Repository Services: Set of services that governs content ingested and created through its lifecycle and in compliance with regulations
  • Presentation Services: Modern digital workspace that creates persona-based dashboards and consoles for omni-channel consumption
Existing ASG customers will be able to leverage their investment in ASG-Zenith across the extended enterprise with the ability to implement complex processes and content rich applications, for capture and dissemination of content, through the seamless integration of ASG’s Process Services and Robotic Process Automation.
“As digital transformation progresses, businesses of all kinds are pressed to become more agile in developing their unique competitive business model,” said David Downing, EVP of Product Management and Product Marketing at ASG Technologies. “ASG-Zenith considers productivity, flexibility and visibility at the model and design phase, enabling greater success of digital transformation projects.”

“ASG-Zenith is the ideal platform for the accounts payable application we built that combines images of invoices and purchase orders with SAP transaction data,” said Mike Mahon, CEO of Zia Consulting. “Our initial customers are ecstatic they can automate processing—and only need to see exceptions—in a convenient application that their staff can access from any device.”

“The nature of core organizational processes is changing to meet customer expectations and keep up with the increasing threat of more automated, disruptive competitors,” wrote Rob Koplowitz, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research in “The Growing Importance Of Process To Digital Transformation.” "Rather than adopting a defensive posture focused on cost reduction, business leaders are looking to use process as a competitive weapon.”

Be sure to visit the ASG-Zenith product page.

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