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ASG Technologies Enables Global Enterprises to Accelerate Time-to-Value and Employ Modern Data Governance with Data Intelligence 9.5

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | Naples, Florida

New release enables business users to quickly find, understand, enrich and share trusted data across the entire data estate and to prepare for sustainable GDPR compliance
ASG Technologies Enables Global Enterprises to Accelerate Time-to-Value and Employ Modern Data Governance with Data Intelligence 9.5
ASG Technologies, a trusted provider of proven solutions for information access, management and governance for the world’s top enterprises, today introduced Data Intelligence 9.5. Accurately understanding where data originates and how it flows and changes through the enterprise is imperative for organizations to enable business users to securely collaborate with trusted data. This latest release of ASG’s DI platform broadens the ability to find, trace, trust and analyze data across today’s growing data landscape. Expanded automation delivers faster understanding that allows Chief Data Officers, citizen data scientists and regular employees to devote more time to value-oriented work. As a result, organizations can more effectively embrace and benefit from digital transformation initiatives while ensuring compliance with evolving regulations and achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

Data Intelligence 9.5 offers advanced capabilities, including:
  • Self-Service Datasets: Provides citizen data scientists with the ability to quickly find, assemble and share trusted datasets to improve decision-making and accelerate time-to-insight using a modern way of linking content between applications and glossaries.
  • Enhanced Data Governance: Delivers full integration of data discovery and data tracing within the data lake and traditional data sources to provide visibility that increases trust and intelligently identifies data elements subject to privacy regulation.
  • Automated Business Lineage: Allows employees to better know their data and, in turn, their business, on a deeper level by accurately visualizing the flow of data through applications using business-friendly application names and terms which increases trust in the sources and use of data.
  • Jupyter Notebook Integration: Enables data scientists to rapidly define, manage, run and export powerful self-contained data analyses and visualizations to increase productivity and foster collaboration with other data scientists.
  • Dynamic SQL Traceability: Delivers the ability to trace data flows across Dynamic SQL environments for Oracle PL/SQL and IBM DB2 UDB enabling automation of lineage analysis in complex transformations which provides a deeper understanding of business data and better business management.
Data complexity has been a major challenge for our organization,” said Mark Nance, Chief Data Officer at American Fidelity Assurance. “ASG’s Enterprise Data Intelligence solution has allowed us to dig into that complexity and understand our data more completely. We can now can see what data is in current use, and what data isn’t, and we know what data can be deprecated or archived. We now have benchmarks and guidelines to measure data usage. That in itself is a huge value.

Businesses today are seeking to shorten the time between data collection and business value by equipping employees with new skills and tools that enable them to become citizen data scientists. At the same time, the EU’s GDPR introduces global demands on compliance teams while other industry-specific regulations continue to ramp up. ASG’s Data Intelligence solution supports these compliance projects by allowing organizations to bridge data siloes to create consistent cross-enterprise views of their data estates.

Data Intelligence 9.5 is designed to help enterprises be agile when it comes to maintaining compliance and informing critical business decisions,” said David Downing, EVP of product management and marketing at ASG Technologies. “With this newest version, we continue to expand an organization’s ability to know their data, so that they know their business. With fast access to data they can trust, they can find the insights they need to help extract value from data while remaining compliant.

Data Intelligence 9.5 allows us to better serve our customers, who want to engage their business in defining and using data to inform business decisions,” said Kristy Zirngible, Director of Strategic Services, Prominence Advisors. “ASG’s commitment to enabling customers’ digital transformation allows us to deliver more strategic value to our shared customers by offering rapid and flexible creation and extension of information management solutions, as the resource of data within the organization grows and becomes more democratized and accessible throughout the organization.” 

Learn more by visiting the Data Intelligence 9.5 web page. 

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