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Revolutionizing Business Productivity - ASG CloudFactory 8.1 Marries Workspace Aggregation 2.0 and IT Service Store

ASG CloudFactory 8.1 offers dynamic, hybrid and highly-customizable workspaces that are tightly integrated with ASG’s IT service store, as well as the company’s remote support solution and service management package to enable optimal delivery of applicati
Revolutionizing Business Productivity - ASG CloudFactory 8.1 Marries Workspace Aggregation 2.0 and IT Service Store

Date & Location

  • Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2014
  • Location: Naples, Fla. USA

ASG Software Solutions, the pioneers in workspace aggregation, today announced the introduction of CloudFactory 8.1, the latest version of its enterprise cloud solution suite. The 8.1 release continues to aim at closing the traditional gap between Business and IT by providing an optimal user experience and an ultimate degree of efficiency for accessing applications, content and IT services through individualized and easily customizable workspaces.

ASG believes that Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces and IT Service Stores are the two topics that will influence the future of enterprise IT in the most drastic way, helping to truly turn the IT department into a powerful source of competitive advantages. ASG combines both principles with CloudFactory 8.1.

The tight integration between the dynamic hybrid workspace (ASG-CloudCockpit) and ASG’s IT service store (ASG-CloudStore) enables greater productivity, security, compliance and overall ROI. CloudFactory 8.1 offers business users, developers and IT operations teams the tools to be more productive and self-sufficient, while the entire business reaps greater value from existing IT investments in core infrastructure technologies by Citrix, VMware and Microsoft.

CloudFactory 8.1 goes significantly beyond simply delivering virtualized desktops, by providing end users with dynamic, hybrid workspaces that include content from private and public clouds as well as from legacy IT environments and local devices. Applications can be delivered to these workspaces via existing Citrix (ICA) and Microsoft (RDS) technologies or via ASG’s new AppMirror, an agentless HTML5 remote application delivery technology. AppMirror is a cost effective fully integrated application delivery solution that complements Citrix, VMware or Microsoft technologies by offering significant cost savings for a variety of use cases.

“Today’s IT-savvy business professionals are very particular in how they access and use business applications, data and services,” noted Steve Brasen, managing research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “ASG’s dynamic hybrid workspaces provide a customizable environment with an integrated app store that empowers users to work in the manner they prefer in order to achieve greater productivity and increased job satisfaction.”

ASG-CloudFactory, release 8.1 also includes advanced integration of ASG’s IT service store (ASG-CloudStore) with ITSM solutions, eliminating traditional silos between enterprise IT and cloud through automated provisioning and management of new service requests. This results in better compliance, security, capacity management, release management, infrastructure monitoring and cost control.

“With the CloudFactory 8.1 release we are placing 100 percent focus on addressing two of today’s core pain points in enterprise IT: 1) Providing a dynamic hybrid workspace that delivers an individualized user experience to corporate staff and 2) Enabling end users to provision all the applications, platform and infrastructure resources they require in a self-service manner,” said Torsten Volk, vice president of product management, cloud, ASG Software Solutions. “With this latest version we’ve really honed in on user experience and compliant user self-service. All of this results in an increased ROI in the form of better employee productivity and greater value from IT investments in Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and ITSM technologies.”

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