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DirectCloud Selects ASG’s CloudFactory to Advance its Clients to the Cloud

Deployed in Just Three Months, CloudFactory Proved to be the only Solution Capable of Satisfying all Flexibility, Vendor-Agnostic and Software Ownership Requirements
DirectCloud Selects ASG’s CloudFactory to Advance its Clients to the Cloud

Date & Location

  • Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013
  • Location: Naples, FL USA

ASG Software Solutionstoday announced that DirectCloud, a division of privately held, IT solution provider DirectNetworks, Inc., has chosen ASG’s end-to-end cloud management suite, CloudFactory, to create its cloud-based workplace, Webtop.

After testing everything from VMware View to Citrix Xen Desktop, only CloudFactory gave DirectCloud the kind of flexibility it needed for its SMB clients. It allowed customers to transplant their IT operations to the cloud with minimal disruption and adjustment and is already showing 20-30 percent cost savings and 30-50 percent efficiency gains. CloudFactory was also able to satisfy DirectCloud’s strict vendor-agnostic and software ownership requirements, easily integrating with the Citrix and Microsoft components of Webtop while also allowing the company to manage the solution entirely from within its own data centers.

“ASG’s CloudFactory solution was not only able to address all of our pain points, but, most importantly, everything was completed within our budget and roll-out timeframe of just three months,” said Colin Mehlum, partner and business development, DirectCloud. “We recognized that cloud computing was quickly becoming an essential element of any successful, modern IT strategy, so the development of Webtop was crucial to both our customers and our survival as a company. But, without CloudFactory, Webtop simply would never have been possible. ASG really treated us like a partner in helping us reach our goals, and its innovative cloud suite has been a crucial element of our company’s vision and success.”

With CloudFactory, ASG was able to help DirectCloud incorporate a single workspace for users to access and provision all of their applications and services, while advanced service orchestration and automated infrastructure lifecycle management is conducted in the background within DirectCloud’s data centers. Now, DirectCloud can provide its clients with all of the increased cost savings, mobility and productivity that come inherent with the cloud. And, by including cloud-based storage, servers and virtual desktops, DirectCloud can help its clients future-proof their operations while increasing data accessibility and reducing costly hardware, software and in-house support.

“We are just as invested as DirectCloud in helping them grow their business, so are pleased to see the significant role CloudFactory has played in the success of Webtop,” said Victor Paul Fiss, vice president cloud delivery, ASG Software Solutions. “DirectCloud wants to shoulder its clients’ burden of trying to constantly adapt to increasing technology advancements. And, to know that CloudFactory played a role in that goal, and is helping advance companies’ computing infrastructure to the cloud, is an achievement in and of itself.”

About DirectCloud Webtop |

DirectCloud Webtop is a cloud-based virtual server and desktop solution that provides users with access to their data, applications and communications anywhere, anytime and on any device. Webtop is replacing traditional premise server networks with a managed service that enables customers to reduce IT costs, operate efficiently and increase productivity. DirectCloud’s partner program is geared toward technology companies looking to grow their managed service practice.