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ASG Software Solutions Brings Cloud-Based Automation and Service Orchestration to the Mainframe

ASG’s CloudFactory for Mainframe Simplifies and Accelerates Mainframe Management, Eliminating Manual Procedure Risks and Skill Shortages while Accelerating Request Fulfillment
ASG Software Solutions Brings Cloud-Based Automation and Service Orchestration to the Mainframe

Date & Location

  • Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2014
  • Location: Naples, FL USA

ASG Software Solutions today announced the launch of CloudFactory for Mainframe (ASG-CloudFactory/MF), bringing the mainframe into the 21st century through its cloud-based, fully-automated, service orchestration platform. With this unprecedented approach, ASG-CloudFactory/MF greatly simplifies and accelerates mainframe management, ridding organizations of risky manual processes, human errors, slow mainframe request fulfillment and skill shortages due to generational knowledge gaps.

Despite widespread predictions that mainframes would die out, the platform is still relied on by organizations worldwide, in many cases with more than halfof enterprise applications calling on it to complete transactions. The problem is, these organizations are struggling more and more to cope with this legacy infrastructure amid IT and staff transformations.

To evolve mainframe dependencies alongside developments in new compute environments, ASG brought the cloud to the mainframe, which enables a more integrated, comprehensive approach to infrastructure modernization. With ASG-CloudFactory/MF’s self-service and automated workflow functionalities, organizations can shorten time-to-service, accelerate mainframe request fulfillment and achieve complete status transparency. Also, because of its mainframe workflow and script libraries, organizations now have a knowledge repository on hand, so even non-experts are able to manage mainframe requests and provisioning, eliminating skill-shortage issues from the retirement of the mainframe generation.

“The mainframe is a critical component in modern cloud and distributed applications,” said Julie Craig, research director, Enterprise Management Associates. “ASG’s CloudFactory for Mainframe gives customers one solution for provisioning across both mainframe and distributed environments. This is a distinctive take on application provisioning and one that should make the industry stand up and take notice.”

ASG-CloudFactory/MF is a fixed software solution suite comprised of ASG-CloudCockpit, a workspace to access applications, services, data and the self-service catalog; ASG-CloudStore, an Amazon-like service request management platform; and ASG-CloudRobot, a workflow designer and automation engine. ASG also plans to create an open CloudFactory for Mainframe community where companies and partners can share their workflows and scripts to promote more widespread knowledge sharing around mainframe management best practices.

“Other vendors have failed to provide adequate mainframe solutions in the past, simply because selling their own services and keeping staff on site was more profitable,” said Pascal Vitoux, senior vice president of development & CTO, ASG Software Solutions. “However, at ASG, we believe in an enablement approach, giving companies the tools they need to evolve and succeed. This is exactly what we’ve done by bringing the cloud to the mainframe with ASG-CloudFactory/MF, allowing companies to remove their dependencies on outdated, manual procedures and a limited knowledge base, to achieve more sophisticated, agile business processes for the modern world.”

“ASG’s commitment to simplify mainframe management with ASG-CloudFactory/MF reflects our broader corporate vision for streamlining our solution-based approach to today’s dynamic market needs,” said Dietmar Wendt, executive vice president of global sales and marketing, ASG Software Solutions. “We have refined our strategy to focus on cloud, content and systems solution areas. With this approach, we are working to  address today’s business pain points in the most effective ways possible – which is precisely what our customers want to do for legacy mainframe infrastructure and beyond. We’re grateful that we can deliver this to our customers with ASG-CloudFactory/MF.”

For more information on ASG Software Solutions’ CloudFactory for Mainframe, please click here. CloudFactory for Mainframe is also available through the channel.