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ASG-PERFMAN Delivers 165 Percent ROI and NPV of 1.4M for Enterprises, According to Independent Research Firm’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study

Performance Management and Capacity Planning Tool Shown in Independent Study to Save More than $1.4m in OPEX and CAPEX, Demonstrating Payback in Less than 12 months
ASG-PERFMAN Delivers 165 Percent ROI and NPV of 1.4M for Enterprises, According to Independent Research Firm’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study

Date & Location

  • Date: Thursday, May 22, 2014
  • Location: Naples, Fla. USA

ASG Software Solutions today released the results of a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) studyon its performance management and capacity planning tool, ASG-PERFMAN, revealing that the solution delivers enterprises with a net present value (NPV) of $1.4M over three years. Costs savings were due to increased productivity gains and reduced IT expenses. Conducted by independent research firm Forrester Consulting, the TEI study evaluated ASG-PERFMAN’s investment value based on benefits, costs, risks and flexibility.

The TEI study reveals the compelling financial benefits of having an integrated performance management and capacity planning solution, particularly on server administrator productivity, IT infrastructure and storage-related costs. Cost and benefits were generated by examining four current ASG-PERFMAN customers’ experiences, which were used to create a sample composite organization to show generally what a company could expect to see after deploying the solution. The analysis showed that organizations are able to:

Manage their servers with a team that is five to 10 times smallerSave $54K in OPEX and $180K in CAPEX due to optimization and avoiding overprovisioning of IT infrastructureDeploy the solution and start benefiting from out-of-the-box functionalities in less than two weeksDefer 5TB of storage for one yearHave a single tool with a single point of control to manage Windows, Unix, Linux, and z/Architecture environments

“We could not function without ASG-PERFMAN or a similar product,” said a service level manager of a healthcare information services provider. “It provides us with the ability to drill into server performance, understand what is causing issues and predicting future resource constraints.”

“Prior to using ASG-PERFMAN, most of the interviewed customers did some performance management, but had no real capacity planning practice in place,” according to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ASG. “The lack of visibility drove them to look for a solution that would provide a consistent view across all of their different platforms. With ASG-PERFMAN, customers were able to realize productivity gains and reduce IT costs.”

ASG-PERFMAN allows IT professionals and executives to get immediate access to crucial information about IT resource utilization, future capacity demand, and service level impacts, using intelligent enterprise-wide business views. It provides superior analysis, trending, forecasting and modeling that allows a company to set realistic expectations, prevent unnecessary hardware purchases, maximize expensive resources, and communicate accurate and actionable information.

“All too often, enterprises lack the capability to gain end-to-end visibility across infrastructure elements,” said Marla Axelrod, Solutions Marketing Manager, ASG Software Solutions. “This makes a performance management solution with integrated capacity planning critical to running an efficient, stable and agile environment. This TEI study by Forrester validates what we consider to be the strong financial impact that ASG-PERFMAN can have on an enterprise as such a solution.”

Forrester took a multistep approach to evaluate the impact that ASG-PERFMAN can have on an organization. The process included interviewing ASG marketing and sales personnel, along with Forrester analysts; interviewing four organizations with multiple years of experience using ASG-PERFMAN to obtain data with respect to costs, benefits, and risks; designing a composite organization based on characteristics of the interviewed organizations; and constructing a financial model representative of the interviews using the TEI methodology.

To learn more about the study or view it in its entirety, visit hereor check out these videosto learn how our customers are leveraging ASG-PERFMAN.