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ASG CloudFactory Receives Prestigious EMA Vendor to Watch Award for Its Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces

Enterprise Management Associates has presented ASG CloudFactory with a Vendor to Watch award for its end-user-focused Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces that optimally align IT and business
ASG CloudFactory Receives Prestigious EMA Vendor to Watch Award for Its Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces

Date & Location

  • Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2014
  • Location: Naples, Fla. USA

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading industry analyst firm, presented ASG CloudFactory Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces with a Vendor to Watch award for its ability to deliver a personalized and device-independent user experience across virtualization platforms and app delivery technologies by Citrix, VMware and Microsoft. The EMA Vendor to Watch award is reserved for companies that have discovered a groundbreaking new way of solving an existing set of business challenges.

“ASG’s Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces enable a consistent and personalized work environment for business employees while simplifying the management of IT services,” says Steve Brasen, managing research director at EMA. “The ability to provide greater user self-service in provisioning and managing work environments has the additional benefit of reducing mundane administrative efforts (such as software installs and configurations) from busy IT support staff members.”

“This award confirms the uniqueness of ASG’s Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces concept that allows business professionals to be much more productive, while enabling the IT department to easily enforce compliance, security and cost control,” noted Torsten Volk, VP of product management for cloud at ASG Software Solutions. “Today, we expect the same great user experience we are used to from consumer applications, in our work environment. Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces give us exactly this.”

EMA’s recognition of ASG’s flexible and user-centric approach of enhancing employee productivity validates the company’s strong belief in giving customers the choice of where, and on which platform their applications and services should be hosted. Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces go far beyond VDI by providing applications, content or entire business services that can be hosted in the corporate data center or sourced through public cloud offerings. ASG’s value proposition enables corporate IT to serve their end users in the same way as paying customers, thus curbing shadow IT and increasing productivity.

Steve Brasen, EMA’s managing research director for end user computing, is available for questions:


EMA Vendor To Watch: ASG Software Solutions ( Interview: Steve Brasen (EMA) and Torsten Volk (ASG) talk about dynamic hybrid workspacesRegister for the free, 30 minute webinar “Revolutionize Business Productivity with User-Centric Workspaces and IT Service Store,” taking place on November 20, 2014 at 8 a.m. PST / 11 a.m. EST / 5 p.m. CET. Download the whitepaper “IT Megatrends - Part 1:  Closing The Gap Between IT and the Business.” Read the blog posts, "To VDI and Beyond - Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces Will Change How We Work" and “Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces: The Admin Side of the Story.”View the “Dynamic Hybrid Workspaces” web page for more information on how to boost your business productivity and user experience.