Solutions for the Information Economy

ASG is a Global Enterprise Software vendor providing solutions for some of the world’s largest businesses. ASG is the only solutions provider for both Information Management and IT Systems Management.

Our Information Management solutions, capture, manage, govern, and enable companies to understand and support all types of information.

Our IT Systems Management solutions, ensure that the systems and infrastructure supporting that information lifecycle are always available and performing as expected.

ASG’s unique approach to Information Management enables business agility without compromise. We provide the only integrated platform and flexible end to end solution for the information powered enterprise. We have a complete set of modular components that organizations can mix and match to enable faster business adaptation.

Our Story

ASG has more than 30 years of industry leading innovation that meet the current and future needs in Enterprise Information Management and IT Systems Management. We set out to design and create solutions to keep up with future disrupting technologies and are solving the most complex and pervasive business problems enterprises face.

We are an award winning, industry recognized and analyst verified global software company with consistent YoY growth, allowing us to continue investing in innovation & growth.

ASG is big enough to matter yet small enough to care. We are large enough to execute and support enterprise demands, yet small enough to be innovative and service customers individually.


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ASG Technologies: Leveraging Traditional Solutions While Embracing A Modern Approach



We know that Partners are integral to ASG’s growth and success. Our Partner Program is designed to provide valuable resources to help Partners learn, grow and prosper when supporting ASG solutions.

We have built a program based on core principles of simplicity, rewarding incentives, tight collaboration and continuous improvement.

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ASG serves more than 3,500 Customers in 60 countries worldwide. Our Customers span various industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance and Government.

Companies like Postbank, American Fidelity Assurance and Liberty Mutual leverage ASG to store and archive banking transaction information, create data-centric businesses that are free of system and departmental silos and to consolidate content as part of cloud strategies.

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ASG Company Overview