Product A-Z Listing

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  1. A

    1. ASG-Alliance

      For Understanding Applications

    2. Audit & Analytics Services

      Audit & Analytics Services helps you improve operational performance, strengthen internal controls, reduce occupational fraud and comply with regulations by automating business audit and reconciliation rules in line with policies.

  2. C

    1. ASG-Cortex-Plan

      For Automating Job Planning, Scheduling, and Monitoring

  3. D

    1. ASG-DBOL

      For Retrieving CA-IDMS Updates

    2. Data Intelligence

      ASG Data Intelligence™ helps enterprise organizations successfully fulfill defensive and offensive data strategies by capturing and governing information supply chains that empower stakeholders to find, understand, share and analyze trusted data.

  4. E

    1. ASG-Encore

      For Leveraging Mainframe Applications

    2. ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator

      One solution for Infrastructure & Operations and DevOps leaders and teams to manage and control end-to-end value streams spanning on-premises, mainframe, cloud and hybrid platforms.

  5. F

    1. ASG-Fast Access

      For Quicker CA-IDMS Read, Load, and Update

  6. HIDE

    1. ASG-NaviPlex and ASG-Navigraph

      For Enterprise Performance Management on z/OS

    2. ASG-NaviPlex and ASG-Navigraph

      For Enterprise Performance Management on z/OS

    3. ASG-TMON for IMS

      Monitoring and Management of IBM TM/DB on z/OS

  7. I

    1. ASG-Insight

      For Understanding COBOL Application Programs

  8. J


      Analyzing JCL and Enforcing JCL Standards and Syntax


      Comprehensive Production JCL Management

    3. ASG-Journal Manager

      For Controlling CA-IDMS Journal Activities

  9. L

    1. ASG-Life Cycle Manager

      Provides Organizations With Accurate Change Control in Multiple Software or Document Configurations

  10. M

    1. Mobius Content Services

      One platform to manage and govern the explosive growth of your content, mitigate compliance risks, modernize IT infrastructure and connect employees, systems and applications with content.

  11. N

    1. ASG-NaviPlex and ASG-Navigraph

      For Enterprise Performance Management on z/OS

  12. O

    1. ASG-OpsCentral

      Centralized Management of Enterprise Scheduling Workloads

    2. ASG-Outbound Enterprise

      For Multi-Platform File Transfers

  13. P

    1. ASG-PreAlert

      For CA-IDMS Monitoring

    2. ASG-PRO/JCL®: Advanced JCL Validation and Integrity

      Eliminate Costly Re-running of Production Jobs, Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency

  14. R

    1. ASG-Recap

      For Quality Measurement

    2. ASG-Remote Desktop

      Increasing complexities of remote work, cloud adoption and system migration demands simple, efficient and cost-effective remote access for IT professionals and teams.

    3. ASG-Replication Agent

      For CA-IDMS Data Distribution

  15. S

    1. ASG-SmartDoc

      For Documenting COBOL Application Programs

    2. ASG-SmartEdit

      COBOL-Intelligent Editor

    3. ASG-SmartFile

      An effective and easy-to-use file and data management solution that can improve the speed and quality of testing.

    4. ASG-SmartScope

      A robust fault diagnosis and dump management solution.

    5. ASG-SmartTest

      For Interactive Testing and Debugging

  16. T

    1. ASG-TMON Change Manager for CICS TS and System Definition Auditor feature

      Monitoring and Management of IBM MQ on z/OS and Distributed Platforms

    2. ASG-TMON for CICS TS for z/OS

      Monitoring and Management of IBM CICS Transaction Server (TS) on z/OS

    3. ASG-TMON for DB2

      Monitoring and Management of IBM DB2 on z/OS

    4. ASG-TMON for IMS

      Monitoring and Management of IBM TM/DB on z/OS

    5. ASG-TMON for TCP/IP

      For Extensive Management of TCP/IP Network Performance

    6. ASG-TMON for VTAM

      For Complete Performance Management of IBM's Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (VTAM)

    7. ASG-TMON for z/OS

      Proactively Monitor and Manage Your z/OS System in Real Time

    8. ASG-TMON for z/VSE

      For Monitoring and Management of IBM z/VSE Systems and Applications

    9. ASG-TMON Product Suite

      Monitor System Availability with Business Performance Management Software

    10. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for App Servers

      A Complete J2EE Application Server Performance Management Solution for Any J2EE 1.4+ Compliant Application Servers

    11. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for Oracle

      For current and historical performance information for accurate tuning, maintenance, and capacity analysis of Oracle instances

    12. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for UNIX and Linux

      For Visibility and Insight to Avoid Problems, Reduce Costs, and Do More With Less for UNIX and Linux Platforms

    13. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for VMware

      For Discovery, Analysis, Planning, Consolidation, Implementation, Monitoring, and Management of VMware Environments

    14. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for Windows

      For Optimizing the Performance of Your Windows IT Infrastructure

    15. ASG-TMON® Performance Analyzer for z/OS

      For a Complete View Into the Performance of Your Mainframes, Their Peripherals, and the Level of Resources Being Used

    16. ASG-Tracer

      For Processing Large Amounts of CA-IDMS Data

    17. ASG-TriTune

      ASG-TriTune Identifies the Root Cause of Application Performance Inefficiencies in Mainframe Applications

  17. V

    1. ASG-ValidDate

      For Manipulating the System Date to Evaluate the Effect on Applications

    2. ASG-Virtual DB

      For Creating Virtual Copies of CA-IDMS Databases

  18. Z

    1. ASG-Zack

      Automated Systems and Event Management

    2. ASG-Zara

      Automated Tape Management

    3. ASG-Zebb

      Automated Process Rerun Management

    4. ASG-Zeke

      For Enterprise-wide Systems Management and Job / Process Management for z/OS and z/VSE

    5. ASG-Zeke Agents

      for Extending the Power of ASG-Zeke to the Enterprise

    6. ASG-Zena

      Cross-Platform Scheduling and Workload Automation

    7. ASG-Zenith Digital Automation Platform

      ASG-Zenith enables a new approach to process automation.