Driving Trust and Value from Data

To compete in the digital era, data leaders must accelerate decision-making through data democratization while ensuring compliance. Whether it’s complying with established and emerging privacy regulations, gaining insights into the big data lake while taming data sprawl, optimizing cloud migrations by identifying good business data, or enabling self-service data analytics, the data-driven enterprise must empower stakeholders to confidently answer three fundamental questions:

  • What data is available?
  • Where did it come from?
  • What is the level of trust?

ASG Data Intelligence™ helps enterprise organizations successfully fulfill defensive and offensive data strategies by capturing and governing information supply chains that empower stakeholders to find, understand, share and analyze trusted data. ASG is recognized as an Industry Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions.

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  • Automate Data Inventory for Regulatory Compliance and Agility

    Automate Data Inventory for Regulatory Compliance and Agility

    Business and IT users need to find and understand their data at the speed of business to stay competitive and compliant with evolving regulations.

    Ensure Compliance with Privacy Regulations

    Every business must comply with data privacy regulations. GDPR regulates the collection of private data about European citizens. The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) places new requirements on the collection of data on California residents. And more regulation is coming. A core part of compliance is the ability to quickly locate all Personal Information managed to demonstrate compliance to supervisory authorities. ASG Data Intelligence automates the scanning and identification of personally identifiable data across your data estate carrying forward the tagging of critical data, data privacy and quality information.  Read More

    Find and Use the Right Data

    The combination of a Business Glossary with the enterprise repository connects business assets with IT assets and provides context to find the right data and the confidence that drives better decisions, faster.

    ASG uniquely integrates a wide range of information categories into a single view, simplifying access to trusted data across the enterprise.

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    Understand your Organization’s Information Supply Chain

    Data Governance and compliance programs require an understanding of where information comes from, how systems process it, and how it’s used. ASG Data Intelligence provides market leading data lineage capabilities tracing data from origin to where it delivers value.

    Build a Strong Foundation for Understanding Data

    ASG has long been recognized for its comprehensive and industry-leading capabilities for ingesting and understanding metadata from diverse sources including prevalent relational databases, data warehouses, big data, ETL tools, source code, business intelligence tools, enterprise applications, and file systems.  ASG offers the broadest reach for the hybrid enterprise with supported technologies spanning legacy platforms, including mainframe and on-premises distributed, to modern platforms including public cloud services.  Whether it’s ensuring regulatory compliance, migrating applications to the cloud, taming data sprawl, or improving decision-making, the key to success is a strong data inventory and we’ve got you covered. Please contact ASG for a review of your coverage requirements.

    Trace and Understand your Most Valuable Assets 

    Traceable data is trusted data and trusted data creates confidence in decisions and reduces risk. ASG is able to trace “hops” from source to target and allows you to connect or “stitch” together and govern gaps that can be automatically bridged.

ASG’s Senior VP of Product Management Introduces
ASG’s Patent-Pending Trust Model for Data


“ASG DI integration capablities are exceptional. We used their lineage export feature to make Tableau and Cloudera BI systems more user friendly.”

-Data Consultant, Manufacturing

ASG Data Intelligence Benefits and Capabilities

  • Reduce Risk with Automated Impact Analysis

    Reduce Risk with Automated Impact Analysis

    Digital transformation and compliance projects can introduce change throughout the application and data estate. Ineffective management of change can lead to operational, management and governance failures. ASG Data Intelligence impact analysis allows changes to be understood, planned and managed accurately and on-time.

    Understand Change Consequences

    ASG Data Intelligence can accurately predict the immediate and long-term impact of change across the enterprise, beyond data stores and applications.

    Gain Fact-Driven Foresight

    Our unique combination of automated data lineage and data discovery tools for impact analysis gives businesses the clarity and insight needed to forecast outcomes with confidence. Our solution delivers a fast accurate view of how your business is really operating.

  • Reveal the Value Hidden In Your Data

    Improve Trusted Data Consumption

    Becoming a data-driven organization requires timely access to trusted data. ASG's Data Intelligence extends the value of your data inventory to business users, empowering them to quickly discover, understand, access and trust enterprise data.

    ASG's Data Intelligence provides business users, data stewards and data specialists with simple, controlled, self-service access to trusted data. Our capabilities help you automate building a foundation for understanding your data, including business context and personal data identification, to reduce non-compliance risk. ASG’s Data Intelligence of rich metadata and automated tagging, combined with user collaboration adding subject matter insight, drive increased understanding of data relevancy and value.

    ASG’s Data Intelligence enables your organization to:

    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of available data
    • Build trust in data through collaborative, crowd-sourced addition of business context to improve data understanding
    • Sustain trust in data through flexible data governance
    • Empower business users to quickly understand and consume data to accelerate decision-making and reduce time-to-insights
    • Find new value and opportunities by exploiting “dark” data
  • Increase Productivity of Stewards and Analysts with Glossary of Business Terms

    Increase Stewardship Productivity with Glossary of Business Terms

    Establish Data Governance that:

    • Manages and progresses data related issues with built in workflows and data stewardship RACI matrix
    • Creates and shares a common language of business terms and definitions with the Business Glossary
    • Links business terms to underlying data definitions in your repository

    Business and IT users can depend on accurate, corporate-approved definitions and trusted understandable data. They also can govern, create, and share a common language vocabulary of business terms and definitions that provides term-to-term relationships and term-to-physical usage links.

    Organize Across the Enterprise by Bridging Data Silos

    ASG's Business Glossary enables business analysts and data stewards to create and share a common vocabulary of business terms and definitions. This ensures that community users always have trusted, accurate, corporate-approved information and allows users to search across multiple glossaries and business domains to update their business terms.

  • Manage Reference Data Consistently </strong><strong>Across the Enterprise

    Manage Reference Data Consistently Across the Enterprise

    Establish a governed and controlled master view of reference data across the organization to consolidate, cleanse, govern, and distribute key reference data.

    ASG Data Intelligence Reference Data Management:

    • Collects reference data from diverse sources
    • Creates, manages, and shares the master repository of business reference data
    • Groups master reference data into concepts and contexts that truly represent your business
    • Enables the linkage of reference data to business terms/ definitions
    • Identifies poor quality reference data for the decision to reject, tolerate, or accept as part of the master repository
    • Exports governed reference data for consumption by downstream applications
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