Transforming Insurance with Effective Access and Use of Information

In the highly competitive, regulated insurance market, carriers must modernize their diverse IT infrastructures simultaneous with managing the voluminous information needed for underwriting and claims processing ... the real endgame is delivering world-class customer service to increasingly digitally savvy, mobile-first customers.

Insurance Services: Results Matter

1B+Liberty Mutual Manages 1B+ Documents in the Cloud with ASG Mobius

Top 108 of 10 Largest US P&Cs and 4 of Top 10 European Insurers use ASG

97.5%ASG Helped American Fidelity Assurance Cut Duplicate Data Fields by 97.5%

50%Reliance Nippon Life Increased Sales Productivity 50%, Transaction Size 30% with ASG

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ASG Meets the Challenges of Insurance Services

Mobius Content Services
  • Capture, ingest and manage critical content assets (including policies, claims, evidence and other documents) that create and maintain an insurer’s relationship with its customers
  • Automate and manage the myriad workflows associated with the lifecycle of customer-related content
  • Support the scale of the largest carriers by managing content volumes in the tens or hundreds of millions of documents, processed at Web speed
Data Intelligence
  • Create inventory of personal data stored in the the many applications and databases to support programs to comply with privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR and CCPA)
  • Protect data by encrypting it in flight and at rest, control access, and redact sensitive and personal data based on rules applied to documents and sections of documents
IT Systems Management
  • Integrate insurance systems, including legacy mainframes, into the process flows that are the backbone of carrier value streams
  • Provide operational visibility into the different systems, helping to ensure continuous availability
Zenith Digital Automation Platform
  • Increase engagement and drive revenue by connecting information assets to those who need that information, when they need it, on the device they’re using
  • Provide flexible access to applications and information via customizable portals that provide common user experience across all devices and end points
  • Automate routine, repetitive tasks so the business can focus on higher value operations

Fraternidad Muprespa

Learn how Fraternidad Mupresa meets the challenges of an increasingly complex batch cycle with ASG automation capabilities.


American Fidelity Assurance

Learn how ASG Data Intelligence Delivers Actionable Insights to Drive Business Value.

  • Fraternidad Muprespa

    “The sales team understood our needs and created a proper roadmap in accordance with our specifications. In addition, ASG professional services helped us start the implementation project successfully.”

    Fraternidad Muprespa

  • American Fidelity

    “We had a vision and a desire to start transforming our data, and we needed the right technology to help us bring it to life,” said Mark Nance, Chief Data Officer at American Fidelity. “With ASG’s Data Intelligence, we’re able to better utilize the data sets we have throughout the enterprise, ensuring we can deliver business value through data. ”

    American Fidelity

  • Reliance Nippon Life Insurance

    “Deploying ASG’s mobile first process solution accelerated Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company’s growth while increasing sales effectiveness and productivity.”

    Reliance Nippon Life Insurance

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