Transforming Insurance with Effective Access and Use of Information

In the highly competitive, regulated insurance market, carriers must modernize their diverse IT infrastructures simultaneous with managing the voluminous information needed for underwriting and claims processing ... the real endgame is delivering world-class customer service to increasingly digitally savvy, mobile-first customers.

Instant Access to Critical Insurance Documents

Comply with Growing Privacy Regulations, Reducing Financial and Reputational Risk

Enhance the Flexibility, Efficiency, and Effectiveness of Digital Transformation Efforts

  • Avoid unintended consequences of modernization projects by identifying upstream and downstream dependencies
  • Allow business requirements to determine right approach to cloud/on-premises/hybrid deployment decisions to move to cloud at pace of your business
  • Support the scale of the largest carriers by managing content volumes in the tens or hundreds of millions of documents, processed at Web speed

Increase Productivity with Integration and Automation Services that Connect Information with People and Processes

  • Increase engagement and drive revenue by connecting information assets to those who need that information, when they need it, on the device they’re using
  • Provide flexible access to applications and information via customizable portals that provide common user experience across all devices and end points
  • Automate routine, repetitive tasks so the business can focus on higher value operations
  • See how ASG’s Digital Automation Platform, ASG-Zenith, connects people, process and information.

Incorporate All Relevant IT Systems in Delivering Value

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