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Our software products enable enterprise customers with complex IT environments. These products span mainframe, public and private clouds and virtualized applications, to:

  • Enable your employees to achieve unprecedented productivity by accessing any application from any device through a simple browser interface
  • Give people timely accurate understanding of data they can rely on for critical business decisions
  • Capture the knowledge and visibility of transactions and data across platforms and applications to stay compliant
  • Protect and archive the life-blood of every business--information
  • Power and operate applications and systems across any platform

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Integrate, Optimize and Archive Critical Information to Make Intelligent Business Decisions

Content Solutions

Enable your business with ASG’s content solutions that provide unified and simplified management of content regardless of content type, size or platform, as well as customized document processing and output management.

Shine a Light on Critical Business Data

Enterprise Data Intelligence

The people that drive your business need accurate information. Decision makers depend on the information - but it has to be timely and readily available. Can you shine a light on the correct information in your data lake when it's needed? Can you focus on certifying critical data elements first to prioritize your data management activities, and prevent risk and exposure?

Deliver Your Apps, Services or Content on Any Device


Make your workforce more productive. Save costs. Prevent technology lock-in. Maximize security and reduce shadow IT. Break out of the constraints of OS-centric computing!

Optimize Development and Performance for Your Applications

Applications Management

ASG Applications Management products significantly increase the ROI from applications assets and improves developer productivity throughout the software life cycle.


Manage Performance across Technology Teams

Performance Management

ASG’s Performance Management products help you realize the true potential of the IT systems that power your enterprise.


Schedule and Automate Workload for Better Ops

Operations Management

ASG products simplify both the complex day-to-day and longer-range operational tasks for operations decision- makers and IT administrators in both the mainframe data center and distributed IT environment.