ASG-ViewDirect-ABS and Modeler/Publisher

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Data Analytics and Mining

ASG-ViewDirect-ABS and the Modeler/Publisher Module give organizations the ability to easily audit, clean, model and mine the data contained in archived reports, documents, and content located in a multitude of applications and databases.

ASG-ViewDirect Audit and Balancing System (ABS) scans, detects and informs users of potentially costly data inaccuracies within enterprise reports and across different applications, and prompts them to take action to fix an out-of-balance error. The Modeler component is then used to create models to define how to mine/extract specific data from content in the ASG-ViewDirect Repository and/or within enterprise-wide applications and databases. Classification, trend, optimization, predictive and simulation models can be built to extract data from reports. The Publisher component is then used to apply the model created via the Modeler to current reports of the same type and/or data in the ASG-ViewDirect Repository. The mined/extracted information is then used to build new business intelligence reports.


ASG-ViewDirect-ABS and Modeler/Publisher permits organizations to:
  • Identify new internal data sources to improve business intelligence.

  • Gain deeper insight into existing report information to make better business decisions.

  • Ensure data integrity by extracting and validating data directly from existing reports.

  • Eliminates manual intensive process by automating the delivery of new information from existing reports, e.g, financial reporting.

  • Traces all extracted data by using published reports as a data source.


ASG-ViewDirect-ABS and Modeler/Publisher is the only content management data analytics and mining solution that:
  • Provides data modeling and mining for data archived in reports, documents, and content located in repositories and databases.

  • Improves the quality, accuracy, and insightfulness of internal report data.

  • Automates repetitive manual processes for acquiring, auditing, integrating, scheduling and distributing report data.

  • Verifies security and traceability of data.