ASG-Total Content Integrator

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Content Search, Aggregation and Integration Across Disparate Repositories and Databases

ASG-Total Content Integrator (TCI) provides fast, easy, and secure access to all digital information stored anywhere in your enterprise. Employees, customers and partners can have immediate access to critical content without excessive costs of in-house integration, code development, and maintenance.

ASG-TCI components use packaged Web Services, enabling a single Web application request to activate a search across multiple, disparate repositories, file systems, databases, and applications - including email, Microsoft® SharePoint®, Oracle®, SAP®, IBM®, EMC®, ASG-ViewDirect®, ASG-Cypress®, and others. Scaling from department to enterprise levels, ASG-TCI imposes no limits on the number of repository connections, or types and volumes of content.Combined with the ASG-ViewDirect Repository, ASG-TCI archives content into a "repository or record" to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with corporate records.


  • Application Connectivity

    Connects to third-party search engines to access indexed content and provide users access to Internet content.

  • Database Connectivity

    Distributes SQL queries to different databases and extracts relevant rows and columns, embedded objects, and linked content.

  • Customized Connectivity

    Offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) with a sample adapter that can be customized to access any other database or repository.

  • Enterprise Search

    Delivers any content by automatically translating search criteria and passing the necessary information to ASG-TCI’s adapters.

  • Flexible Authentication Services

    Eliminates the need to enter credentials across disparate repositories while providing secure access based on role or profile.

  • Index Mapping

    Resolves the relationship between common universal indexes defined in ASG-TCI and repository-specific indexes in an archive.

  • Uniform Delivery

    Information is presented to users via Web browsers, desktop applications, or a native viewing clients.


  • Provides a complete, consolidated view of content from all enterprise repositories.

  • Scales to accommodate unlimited repositories, users, and content volume.

  • Delivers content in familiar, browser-based formats.

  • Secures content access based on defined authority profiles.

  • Normalizes index fields and data, providing a simple, uniform search experience.

  • Applies source-appropriate formatting for consistent viewing.

  • Offers an open source interface for adapter development and enhanced interoperability.

  • Eliminate the need for complex coding to integrate content from multiple sources without API programs.

  • Implement content management interoperability services (CMIS).Application Connectivity