ASG-Total Content Integrator for Microsoft SharePoint

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Enterprise Content Aggregation, Integration, Retention and Information Governance for Microsoft SharePoint Users.

ASG-Total Content Integrator (TCI) for Microsoft SharePoint provides fast, easy, and secure access to all digital information stored anywhere in the enterprise to be viewed in Microsoft SharePoint.

ASG-Total Content Integrator (TCI) for Microsoft SharePoint is designed to provide SharePoint environments total content aggregation and integration with content repositories for other business applications - finance/accounting, customer relationship management, warehouse management, etc. It grants SharePoint users access to employee- and application-generated content throughout the enterprise via the familiar SharePoint user interface. And it gives IT the ability to store and archive SharePoint documents for long-term retention, including binary large objects (BLOB), to improve SharePoint scalability and performance. When combined with ASG-ViewDirect and ASG-Records Manager, ASG-TCI for SharePoint enables enterprise-class storage and archiving, enhanced information governance and compliance, and improved business process controls. This powerful combination results in an enterprise-class solution that combines the best of SharePoint content management capabilities with total enterprise content integration and best-in-class enterprise storage, archiving and records management services.


  • Application Connectivity

    Connects to third-party search engines to access indexed content and provide users access to Internet content.

  • Database Connectivity

    Distributes SQL queries to different databases and extracts relevant rows and columns, embedded objects, and linked content.

  • Customized Connectivity

    Offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) with a sample adapter that can be customized to access any other database or repository.

  • Enterprise Search

    Delivers any content by automatically translating search criteria and passing the necessary information to ASG-TCI’s adapters.

  • Flexible Authentication Services

    Eliminates the need to enter credentials across disparate repositories while providing secure access based on role or profile.

  • Index Mapping

    Resolves the relationship between common universal indexes defined in ASG-TCI and repository-specific indexes in an archive.

  • Uniform Delivery

    Information is presented to users via the SharePoint UI, Web browsers desktop applications, or a native viewing clients.


  • Provides a complete, consolidated view of content from all enterprise repositories.

  • Scales to accommodate unlimited repositories, users, and content volume.

  • Delivers content to the SharePoint UI and in familiar, browser-based formats.

  • Secure content access based on defined authority profiles.

  • Normalize index fields and data, providing a simple, uniform search experience.

  • Apply source-appropriate formatting for consistent viewing.

  • Offer an open source interface for adapter development and enhanced interoperability.

  • Eliminate the need for complex coding to integrate content from multiple sources without API programs.