ASG-Total Content Integrator (TCI) for SAP

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Accessing, Integrating, and Archiving Enterprise Content In SAP Environments

ASG-Total Content Integrator™ (TCI) for SAP® provides bi-directional, realtime federated content aggregation and integration between SAP and disparate content repositories used by other business applications.

ASG-TCI for SAP communicates with repositories and other content sources via Web Services-based adapters that understand how the content is structured and modeled. These packaged adapters translate queries, search content sources, and deliver all relevant content, regardless of the source to SAP users. Using ASG-TCI in combination with the ASG-ViewDirect Repository enables enterprise-class storage and archiving of SAP and non-SAP content that have a relationship, e.g., Purchase Order and Vendor Invoice via SAP NetWeaver [ArchiveLink and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) WebDAV]. ASG-TCI for SAP imposes no limits on the number of repository connections, or types and volumes of content that can be integrated with SAP.


ASG-TCI for SAP permits organizations to:
  • Search within SAP to deliver any content type from ASG-TCI connected repositories.

  • Authenticate via single sign-on to eliminate the need to enter credentials across disparate repositories.

  • Automatically resolve the relationship between common universal indexes defined in ASG-TCI and repository specific indexes.

  • Deliver information via the SAP User Interface, Web browsers, desktop applications, CMIS clients or mobile clients.

  • Provide high-performance, back-end archiving of SAP data into the ASG-ViewDirect repository and make it accessible from within SAP.

  • Provide comprehensive and centralized federated life cycle management for all SAP and non-SAP records.


ASG-TCI for SAP is the only content integration solution that:
  • Provides packaged adaptors to deliver all relevant content, regardless of the source to SAP users.

  • Enables integration with ECM system repositories, including Microsoft SharePoint, IBMContent Manager, EMC Documentum, and Alfresco One.

  • Connects to third-party search engines to access indexed content and provide SAP users access to Internet content.

  • Connects to relevant SAP ArchiveLink and ILM WebDAV databases and SQL-compliant databases to extract relevant information.

  • Provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) with a sample adapter that can be customized to access any other database system or content repository.