ASG-Time Navigator

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A High-Performance Backup and Recovery Solution

An advanced high-performance backup and recovery solution, ASG-Time Navigator has evolved into a powerful and easy-to-use tool for tiered data protection that can fit the needs of both large enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses.

Whether you manage a few servers, a workgroup or a multi-location enterprise network, ASG-Time Navigator helps you seamlessly manage data throughout its lifecycle. With the latest technologies built into its backup architecture, ASG-Time Navigator makes it possible to restore single files from any point in time and any storage media. The powerful time navigation capability offers a unique approach to data restoration, eliminating backup window limitations. Users can access a single file saved at any point in time in any tier of storage and restore it at exceptional speed. By integrating advanced security techniques such as encryption, digital signatures and hierarchical key management, ASG-Time Navigator provides uniquely secure backup and non-repudiated long-term archives for your data. Finally, users can match their storage protection and security to the value of their information.


  • Enterprise Scalability

    Unlimited number of parallel data streams, protected hosts, databases and drives. The result is enterprise-level protection that grows with your business.

  • Time Navigation

    Image-based restores offer full views of the file directories at the selected date and time for fast and easy selection of data to restore.

  • A Unique Restore Approach

    With the ASG-Time Navigator GUI, users can locate files very efficiently and restore them in seconds.

  • Broad Support of Operating Systems

    ASG-Time Navigator protects all the major UNIX, Linux, Mac OS and Windows platforms.

  • Broad Support of Applications

    ASG-Time Navigator protects hot backup and recovery options for leading databases, messaging servers, and virtual environments.