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ASG-TeVISTA Performance Manager

for Measuring Application Performance Across the Network

ASG-TeVISTA Performance Manager is an end-to-end network and application performance solution that ensures the integrity and consistency of IT services. It uses unique “Synthetic User” probes, which can be distributed anywhere on the network, to simulate users accessing applications and services. This provides a systematic, accurate means of identifying the “weakest link” in application performance across the network, LAN, WAN, servers, and databases. ASG-TeVISTA Performance Manager quickly identifies and pinpoints performance problems. Response times and availability from multiple components can be measured, recorded, compared, and reported in a variety of analysis types and graphical formats. By providing a “user’s perspective” of network performance, the network management team can greatly reduce time-to-resolution. ASG-TeVISTA Performance Manager offers a Web-based central management console that organizes information gathered by multiple Synthetic User probes, offers full alert capabilities for breaches of performance thresholds, and distributes reports from a central location. The central management console is a portal that enables appropriate people enterprise-wide to view information from any browser-equipped device on the network.


  • Provides a clear understanding

    Provides a clear understanding of network and application performance to improve services and user experience

  • Simulates user activity

    Simulates user activity to measure data transfer and pinpoint the source of application performance problems

  • Simplifies reporting and user access

    Simplifies reporting and user access through a central management console

  • Automates Reporting

    Automates the measuring of and reporting on targeted internal and external Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Alert Capablities

    Offers full alert capabilities for performance thresholds