ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ and WebSphere MQ Enterprise Edition

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Monitoring and Management of IBM WebSphere MQ on z/OS and Distributed Platforms.

ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ products are an all-encompassing management solution offering complete control over the configuration, administration, and management of your WebSphere MQ systems and related applications.

WebSPhere MQ and ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ integrated products work hand-in-hand to provide you the best choice for your middleware needs. Be it the first installation of MQ, MQ application development, day-to-day operations, or tuning of the MQ network, ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ products allow novices to quickly become experts.


  • Provides seamless integration with relevant information in other ASG-TMON products for faster and easier problem resolution.

  • Single point of control: monitors, collects and analyzes MQ performance data across multiple platforms.

  • Prevents and eliminates problems that threaten availability and performance of business applications.

  • Simplified management: auto-discovery of MQ objects. Queue Manager and dependent object manipulation including rollback of changes to objects.

  • Establishes the thresholds that trigger electronic, audible, and visual advance warnings, enabling automated action.

  • Monitor and manage the enterprise's health through a GUI from the Enterprise Console of ASG-NaviPlex.

  • Provides online and batch reporting on z/OS for all TMON products through a common reporting tool.


  • Prevents problems that threaten the availability and performance of WebSphere MQ from impacting business applications.

  • Provides real-time and historical performance monitoring for problem resolution and performance analysis.

  • Isolates problems rapidly, expediting problem remediation.

  • Monitors and manages by exception, and offers alerts, actions, and messages improving mean time to resolution.

  • All-inclusive, providing robust application and performance analysis tools along with a common TMON batch reporting tool.

  • Integrated with the ASG-NaviPlex-centralized GUI console for an enterprise view, reports, and actions across the enterprise.