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ASG-Outbound Enterprise

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For Multi-Platform File Transfers

ASG-Outbound Enterprise consolidates your current data transfer mechanisms and software into a single, enterprise-wide solution for moving data across platforms. ASG-Outbound Enterprise gets the data where you want it, in the format you want!

ASG-Outbound Enterprise is a dynamic, multi-platform, managed file transfer product that enables you to transfer files of any record size or block size combination between disparate platforms. With ASG-Outbound Enterprise, you can run unattended data transfers between IBM-compatible, zSeries servers (z/OS, VSE, VM, and zLinux) and distributed platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix, and AS/400® systems. ASG-Outbound Enterprise supports transfers of DB2® tables and provides the ability to extract fields from DB2 databases and VSAM and QSAM data sets.


  • Initiates transfers from a scheduler or an application program according to a prearranged schedule or as data becomes available.

  • Records all activity by command in audit file records.

  • Optionally compresses data — providing up to 90 percent compression.

  • Checkpoint/Restart capability allows data transfers to be restarted from the point-of-failure, eliminating the need to restart the data transfer from the beginning.

  • Server feature lets your users initiate transfers — ad hoc or predefined — right from their desktops. You can even embed transfers in Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Visual Basic® and C applications.

  • Secures your file transfers with an interface to external security products such as RACF®.


  • Graphic Development Interface (GDI).

  • Application modularity.

  • Suitability for decision making and knowledge-based applications.

  • No CGI programming or scripting language knowledge requirements.

  • Customized, end-user interface for deployment with a host of applications.

  • Compatible with outside programs and relational databases.