ASG Data Protection and Management

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Enterprise Data Protection from Laptops to Servers, from Remote Offices to Data Centers, Across all Platforms

With the ASG Data Protection product suite, organizations can protect, manage, archive, and recover digital information simply and effectively—across any infrastructure, on any platform, over any period of time.

Whether it’s managing the data growth with a fixed budget, coping with data retention, or simply preventing data loss, organizations face new and increased business and operational challenges when managing their digital data. ASG’s comprehensive portfolio of integrated software solutions includes backup and recovery for complex data center environments, continuous data protection of desktops and laptops, and long-term archiving of files.


  • Enterprise Scalability

    Unlimited scalabilty from a few servers to a thousand, whether physical or virtual.

  • Manage Data Throughout its Entire Lifespan

    Includes backup and recovery for complex data centers, continuous protection ofworkstations, and long-term archiving.

  • Broad OS and Application Support

    ASG-Time Navigator protects data for all major server operating system and applications.

  • Broad Storage Support

    Protects/archives from and to tape libraries, disk arrays, object storage and cloud.

  • Long-term Open Format Preservation

    ASG-Digital Archive will keep data and metadata easily accessible for decades to come.


  • Business Resilience

    Ensure your businesses' IT keeps up with your constant need to have your applications available at all times.

  • Easy Management

    ASG-Time Navigator is one solution that protects all your servers, applications and databases.

ASG products are crucial for our fully digital workflow. ASG-Digital Archive optimizes storage and simplifies reuse, while ASG-Time Navigator protects against data loss. This improves operations so that we’re completing twice as many projects with the team.

John E. Thompson, San Francisco Operations Manager, Creative Services, Wells Fargo