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Looking Forward: What Will the Data Landscape Be in 2018?

As digital transformation advances into 2018, enterprises must keep pace with evolving technology to meet customer demands and drive business results. Early adopters of corporate digitization are gaining an edge, growing more quickly and propelling themselves ahead in the digital age. To continue this momentum, it will be important for enterprises to focus on two major themes in 2018: customer interactions with IT, and the management and collection companies’ most valuable asset — data. In the coming year, the customer-driven enterprise will be a data and digitally driven enterprise, leveraging services across all business operations to gain better customer relationships, more productive workers and managed growth and costs for success.
Solving for cloud
According to 451 Research, approximately 60 percent of enterprises report that they will run the majority of their IT operations off-premises by the end of 2019, primarily through public cloud infrastructure. As the adoption of cloud computing accelerates, IT enterprises will be driven to develop software-based business solutions that enable companies to deliver their digital programs on a flexible, scalable platform and to utilize the storage offered by cloud services. Interest in cloud-deployed solutions will continue to grow as even more companies decide to migrate their data and applications to the cloud, particularly for the benefit of putting security in the hands of cloud service providers.
Workplace of the future
Enterprises are increasingly looking for tools, including cloud- and content-centered solutions, that enable a major push forward for employees and businesses: the workplace of the future. According to the IDG Workplace of the Future 2017 study, conducted by ASG Technologies and IDG Research Studies, modern employees want the flexibility of connecting and contributing to business from anywhere and at any time, from devices they are already familiar with. Businesses are looking to digitally empower this new workforce model — with 57 percent of surveyed companies feeling that an approach fueled by mobility and technology will connect employees and drive productivity — while still maintaining regulatory compliance and process security, especially when it comes to sensitive data. Yet 87 percent of surveyed employees see a need for improved IT and technical equipment in their workplace. IT enterprises will be responsible for delivering products and services that provide both this flexibility and security, as well as data accessibility, for the workplace of the future.
Extracting value from big data
Big data is escalating into immense proportions as the internet of things (IoT) grows and adds to the massive amounts of data already being stored by enterprises. Companies are moving to extract hidden value in data lakes, with citizen data scientists — an increasingly common role within organizations — gathering insights that will inform and affect business. To aid this process, IT enterprises will increasingly turn to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, such as machine learning, to find correlations across data elements and build entities that have meaning and use with the enterprise. Machine learning algorithms create more specific metadata and classify data more intelligently, identify relationships, build and improve predictive rules and create new business initiatives.
Data lineage and GDPR
With GDPR right around the corner, companies need to concentrate on keeping track of what data has been shared with whom. Every bit of unrecorded data elevates a company’s risk of violating GDPR and facing significant fines. To ensure compliance, IT enterprises will turn to data lineage to track information as it moves and changes from its source at each point of use. Data lineage provides organizations with visibility to assess the value of data, make informed business decisions and prepare for GDPR.
The 2018 landscape will be influenced by how companies learn to harness data, what they decide to use it for and how that will shape business initiatives. It will be up to IT enterprises to deliver the tools and solutions necessary to this customer- and digitally driven future.
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Posted: 1/29/2018 4:12:11 PM by Rob Perry
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