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The Impact of Audit & Analytics on Information Governance

Organizations face growing risks in addressing information governance and privacy, two major concerns that are combining in today’s digital era. A robust information governance and privacy strategy reduces regulatory compliance risk, increases operational efficiency and establishes a competitive advantage. However, too often information governance projects are executed in silos or as one-off efforts during a single point in time.

Have you encountered any of these all-too-common situations threatening informational governance?

  1. Organizational policies on handling sensitive information have been updated and employees have been trained on them. The risk is that employees do not understood the policy changes and are not complying. What if you could identify and correct policy deviations as they occurred?
  2. A massive data remediation project, including the cleanup of file shares and data stores, is completed. But unfortunately, employees have resorted to the previous habits that led to the cleanup. What if you could keep your information stores tidy and avoid a costly redo of the remediation?
  3. Data reconciliation was performed as part of a one-off cleanup or a periodic reconciliation. However, the same errors and inconsistencies are still cropping up. What if you could catch and clean these things in real time, improve the quality and reliability of your information and reduce the burden of manual reconciliation?

Continuous auditing and analytics can help you do all the above and more. By monitoring information and automatically alerting when there are policy deviations or data inconsistencies, continuous auditing and analytics can help address these issues in real time. Organizations need the ability to continuously scan enterprise data and see the results in an intuitive dashboard. This delivers the actionable insights needed to proactively seize growth opportunities and protect organizations from fraud and abuse – all while maintaining compliance with regulations and information governance.

For more information, download How to Take Your IG Program to the Next Level with Continuous Auditing and Analytics, a free white paper developed by ARMA International and ASG Technologies. Or view the related on-demand webinar. You will learn how to use continuous auditing and analytics to monitor and improve compliance, identify and correct data inconsistencies in real time, improve efficiency, reduce the need for one-off cleanup efforts, gain insight into your data and more.

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