Manage Critical Mainframe Resources

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Respond quickly to your mainframe demands to keep your focus on what matters most—growing business rather than responding to resource issues.

Do you meet the demands of higher availability, service, and automation of the processing power of today’s enterprise efficiently?

ASG’s Automation modules reduce or eliminate risk from manual intervention and automate complex systems, allowing you to focus on creating new code that meets your business needs.

z/OS, its subsystems, databases, middleware, applications, and software generate thousands of event messages daily. IT professionals need a tool to filter, prioritize and respond quickly to these events before they impact availability and threaten business processing and associated service level agreements.

ASG’s Console Automation product helps your enterprise to:

  • Lower total cost of ownership by improving system resource and user efficiency through automation
  • Manage the availability of critical z/OS resources
  • Maintain the optimal conditions of your mainframe systems by managing daily operations according to defined business policies
  • Replace manual responses with automated console messages
  • Automate complex user-specified conditions

In addition, most organizations rely on a cost-effective, online tape management system that secures, audits, and monitors valuable IT data in a z/OS environment, while providing real-time access to tape management data.

ASG’s Tape Management product allows your enterprise to:

  • Automatically monitors, manages, and records all tape processing while providing online, real-time access to all tape management data
  • Protects critical data through retention
  • Interactively tracks data for administration and reporting purposes
  • Offers real-time robotic support
  • Provides sophisticated vaulting functions

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