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You are going to register for the freeware version of ASG Remote Desktop.

Did you know that you can:

  • evaluate ASG RD for up to 30 days with full feature set (limitation: only 15 connection objects can be exported)
  • use the full version of ASG RD after maximum 30 days with full feature set at a favorable prize?

After the 30 days eval period you can buy the full version or register for the freeware with limited functionality.The full version has, in contrast to the freeware version, following advantages:

  • Open unlimited simultaneous connections (freeware: max. 3)
  • Export of all connections (freeware: max. 15)
  • Database mode for efficient teamwork (freeware: no database mode)
  • Integration of external (web) applications (freeware: not included)

Please find helpful tips und tricks for ASG Remote Desktop in the Forum:

"click here to get to the forum"

Note: After you have completed the registration form you will receive an email with the ASG RD freeware license key. If you cannot find this email, please check your SPAM Folder, it may have been blocked by a filter.

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