A Digital Workplace That’s Device-Independent

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Eliminate the technology barriers that prevent your workforce from operating how they want, where they want, on any device. ASG Workspaces is a digital work environment, available via a single URL, that provides role-based access to enterprise applications and information, together with collaborative and personal tools, all managed in adherence to enterprise IT governance policies.

Accessible from any device, ASG Workspaces fosters productivity and employee engagement while helping enterprises manage the technology, administrative, and licensing overhead of provisioning resources across large, distributed networks.

  • Whitepaper: Onboarding with Digital Workspaces: Empowering the Workforce
  • eBook: Make Sure Your Mobile Workspace Gives Employees Access to Every Tool They Need

ASG Workspaces Benefits & Capabilities

  • Enhance Workforce Flexibility And Engagement

    Enhance Workforce Flexibility And Engagement

    Access All Resources from a Personal Digital Workspace

    The applications and enterprise services your workforce needs now are easily accessible, without downloading to their device. Employees can sign into a digital workspace - via a single URL - and access cloud services, portal and apps - and do it with any business or personal device. They also can customize their digital workspace with their favorite apps and leverage custom widgets that automatically deliver the content and data they need.

    Optimal Mobile User Experience

    In an increasingly “bring your own device or choose your own device” (BYOD or CYOD) world, your workforce wants the enterprise applications, services and data they need available in a way that makes sense for a mobile user. ASG Workspaces consistently provides everything that's needed for optimal productivity, delivering access to any device, in an interface that is natural for that device.

  • Accelerate Workspace Productivity

    Accelerate Workspace Productivity

    Customized Automation through Widgets

    ASG Workspaces enables the automation of routine tasks that would otherwise inhibit worker productivity. Any web developer can implement custom automated functions such as navigation to a particular part of an application or exchange data between applications, leveraging web components that are integrated with ASG Workspaces through REST APIs. Once created, they can be published to Workspaces via a GUI, at which time they become available to end users.

  • Customize Your Digital Workplace

    Customize Your Digital Workplace

    Create a Personal Touch for End Users

    ASG Workspaces supports unique workspaces for different roles, enterprises and industries through a solution that is fully customizable by partners or enterprises. End users get a digital work environment with the content, apps and services that are relevant to their job and they can further personalize the look and feel, as well as create different views of their dashboard with unique backgrounds.

    Integration of Existing Investments

    3rd party solutions and bespoke technology projects can be integrated through Workspace APIs for access from the digital workspace environment. ASG Workspaces supports deployment both with on-premise applications and public cloud services.

  • Governance & Security

    Governance & Security

    Protect Your Investments with a Single Solution

    ASG Workspaces is a unified solution for delivery of enterprise services, with access management governed through its SSO support. Endpoint discovery is integrated into the offering, with encryption included. VPNs or advanced application delivery controllers are also supported, but not required.

    Access Rules

    Enjoy the peace of mind of having a context-aware and policy-driven workspace where access to content and services conforms to IT governance and regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Reduce IT Costs And Workload

    Reduce IT Costs And Workload

    Automate Your Most Demanding IT Processes

    Provisioning, patching and upgrading apps are time-consuming manual processes. ASG Workspaces provides an automation and orchestration layer for your critical IT and business processes that will significantly reduce the cost and administrative overhead. Workspaces significantly enhances the normally labor-intensive IT processes associated with onboarding and offboarding employees. The ability to withdraw access to enterprise resources ensures they are secure from access by former employees.

    Transparent licensing model (per user, per month) includes:

    Built-in HTML5 App Delivery
    Self-Service Store

    Simplification and Automation

    Simple and unified access to complex provisioning and lifecycle management tools such as IBM BigFix or Microsoft SCCM are supported. App and services delivery are independent of the operating system of the target end-user environment, greatly easing the overall update and management processes.

    Efficient Delivery Methods

    Multitenant platform that can be deployed on-premise or cloud.

  • IT-Free, But Fully Managed, Provisioning

    IT-Free, But Fully Managed, Provisioning

    Request New Apps and Services

    End users can order the apps and services they need, while enforcing IT governance for security compliance. ASG Workspaces can provision modern cloud, virtual, traditional data center, and local applications for any device, via an integrated self-service store, connecting to 3rd party systems through REST APIs.

    Flexible Application Delivery

    Use your existing application providers to deliver apps or leverage ASG Workspaces integrated HTML5 application delivery technology. Our provisioning mechanism is based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) that has been extended with HTML5 app delivery. End-users can choose to run remote applications as if locally delivered or through HTML5, offering the convenience and flexibility to work from any device.