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Enterprise Data Intelligence
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Know Your Data Know Your Business

The people that drive your business need accurate information. Do you have enough insight into how the numbers come together, and how they are changed along the way? Decision makers depend on the information - but it has to be timely. Can you provide correct information when it's needed?

Data Inventory

Time to market depends on how your data drives business processes. Find the relevant data, how it is used, and its business impact.

Data Lineage

Where does data come from, where does it go, and how does it change? Auditors will insist you answer those questions on demand.

Impact Analysis

Finding every data touch is a tedious task. Automated impact analysis makes change planning and management accurate and reliable.

Business Glossary
Business Glossary

Insight and understanding come from speaking the same language and agreeing on common business terms.

Reference Data Management
Reference Data Management

Our solutions enable business users to quickly and easily find relevant data that they can use with confidence.

The Key to Enterprise Data Intelligence

When data lineage is combined with business definitions, valid values, and data quality it makes data facts easily available to everyone who needs them.

The key to Enterprise Data Intelligence is discovering data, applications that process it, and the ways in which they are linked.

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The Key to Enterprise Data Intelligence

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How Your Business Can Maximize Data’s Value: Enterprise Data Intelligence

Discover how your business can balance data management needs and increase the value of your data. This eBook also offers five key elements for a successful business glossary.

Our business users told us ‘We don’t know how these reports are calculated or where to find the data that we need.’ – We evaluated a lot of technologies, and ASG’s Data Intelligence solution has the right combination of capability for technical users and value for business users. 


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