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Mobius View- Records Management facilitates information governance with comprehensive management services for records, including high-volume, transactional electronic records in their original format. Its content services automatically classify, retain, dispose and destroy records in the Mobius Repository as well as records managed in other repositories-no migration of records required.

Information technology administrators and records managers pre-define or system-generate contextual-based file classification schemas for the automatic capture and retention of electronic records. Mobius View- Records Management supports time-and event based file retention and holds on single and multiple documents-with parametric events that automatically execute from line-of-business applications through standard Web Services.

Mobius View- Records Management also provides an intuitive, Web-based user interface designed specifically for records managers.

Automatic Electronic Record Capture and Classification

The majority of electronic information is related to business activities that determine retention periods. The Mobius content services architecture that supports Mobius View – Records Management provides a granular policy management foundation that enables policies to be invoked by scheduled or triggered events, managing content “in-place.”  Mobius View – Records Management can automatically capture electronic information in pre-defined or dynamically generated folders from external business applications. The metadata associated with the information identifies the retention policy to determine record classification.

This approach eliminates the need for traditional manual record “declaration,” thereby:

  • Automatically capturing invoices, utility bills, ATM transactions, etc.
  • Systematically processing large volumes of scanned, paper-based information.
  • Consistently classifying, declaring, and retaining electronic information as records in pre-defined or dynamically created folders.
Mobius View – Records Management enables your organization to:
  • Facilitate automatic acquisition, classification, retention and disposition of high-volume, transaction-oriented electronic information.
  • Manage native electronic records in place with no migration of records required.
  • Enable definition of hierarchical taxonomies using pre-defined and automatic contextual-based folder classification.
  • Support time-and business event-based retention and holds on single and multiple record documents.
  • Provide an intuitive, Web-based user interface and strong records management administration functions.
  • Enable information governance for mainframe and distributed systems.

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