Access and Manage Critical Content with Flexibility and Speed

ASG-Mobius offers a robust and scalable ‘Repository of Record’ that fully-integrates your enterprise content. With ASG-Mobius, you capture and manage the information that drives your business, allowing you to deliver it quickly for any purpose.

Now with ASG-Mobius 6.0, you can achieve the same level of efficiency within the flexibility of the Amazon Web Services platform.

ASG-Mobius works with your existing technology, cloud-based environments and business processes, so you don’t have to rip-and-replace decades of investments. You can manage all content regardless of type, volume, platform, storage device or viewing client in virtually any computing environment.

Enable Your Enterprise with ASG-Mobius

Digital information is the lifeblood of every enterprise business. You need an integrated solution that’s capable of capturing all of your content (whether in print, digital or unstructured formats), archiving that information in accessible chunks, and distributing it across the globe in real time. In this way, employees and customers can view the information they need in an instant.

ASG-Mobius manages the content for some of the world’s largest companies. Additionally, ASG-Mobius allows your business to:

  • Integrate all content types for a logical, single-system view of content in multiple, disparate repositories, databases and file systems.
  • Protect vital information with multi-level security.
  • Customize content for any distribution channel, supporting business operations and mitigate the risks with legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Improve productivity with workflow processes that ensure content is routed to review and approve based on defined business processes.
  • Ensure compliance with automatic acquisition, classification, retention and disposition of records.
  • Govern information with spot audits each time data is created or content is added to a system.