Landing Your Career with ASG

We’re often asked about the interview process to join our team. While the exact process varies depending on the specific team and role, the goal of our selection process is to ensure a mutual fit on both skills and traits.

Our Interview Process

We tailor our interview process for the roles our candidates seek to fill. Each open position requires differing formats and numbers of interviews that you will go through, personalized to your skill set and the position you’re seeking.

To give everyone the greatest chance for success, we begin our process with one or two phone interviews. If we feel there’s a fit, you’ll be asked to come to an onsite round of interviews.

There are many types of business professionals and developers, so we've structured our interview process around different facets of each skillset.

  • Business Professionals generally meet with numerous leaders throughout the company, such as sales, marketing and operations. Each of these interviews will look focus on the knowledge and experience you can bring to the ASG team
  • Developers may be asked to perform a skills test to verify your knowledge. This is followed by a technical skills interview and finally an interview to discuss your work habits and character traits.

Meeting with Our Team

When it’s time for you to be on site and meet the team, we encourage you to do the following.

Just be yourself! While we have no specific dress codes, when you come to meet us at one of our locations, dress comfortably and professionally.

Ask any questions that you need answered. Remember that the interviews are an opportunity for you to get to know us and what it’s like to be part of our team, as much as we want to get to know you.

Let us know who you are. We are looking for uniquely talented individuals who are curious, motivated and adaptable to fitting into our team. Culture is important to us, so make sure that the fit is right on both sides. We want to learn about who you really are.

Tell us about your accomplishments. We’ll be asking you questions about how you’ve executed, challenged yourself, motivated others, and made judgments—as well as where you've failed in the past.

Show us what gets you motivated and curious. We want to know what passions you can bring to the team. There’s no wrong answer here; we just want to see you get fired up about something you love.

Ask plenty of questions. ASG Technologies is unique. If something about our process or methods raises curiosity, you should ask. When presented with analytical and technical problems, talk through how you plan to approach the problem and ask questions if necessary. Don’t be afraid to engage with your interviewer.