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ASG’s Culture: Customers Matter, People Matter, Results Matter

“People Matter” is a key principle you’ll hear from every team member at ASG. Our strategy is driven by the market; our day-to-day focus to help our Customers be successful; our results by a highly effective, collaborative team.

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Charles Sansbury

Our Principles in ActionOur unique work culture empowers employees to utilize their talents for initiatives that matter

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  • Yetkin Ozkucur

    Being Part of Our Customers Journey

  • Theresa Parker

    Looking Towards the Future

  • Edward Jenner

    All About the People

  • Susan Laine

    Culture of Understanding

  • Sophie Faye

    The Opportunity to Build and Grow Markets

  • Nicole Biel

    Exciting and Incredible Management

  • Michelle King

    Great Work-Life Balance

  • Mark Farrell

    The Goal of Providing Great Customer Service

  • Jeanne Lack

    An Opportunity to Work with a Diverse Team

  • Raja Masa

    Work-life Balance @ ASG

  • Customer Support Analyst Monica sharing her views about the leadership team @ASG

  • Doug Daft

    Winning Together

  • Alex Derby

    Why ASG People Matter

  • Srihari Ranganathan

    What I do @ASG?

  • Jason Thomas

    We Have a Greater Vision

  • Srihari Ranganathan

    UI practices @ASG

  • Dimitrios Settos

    Transparency in Leadership

  • Leann Davis

    Thriving Company

  • Dimitrios Settos

    Support and Motivation

  • Jason Thomas

    Recommending ASG

  • Srihari Ranganathan

    Principal Software Engineer, Srihari Ranganathan describes culture at ASG

  • Petra Bulka

    Petra Bulka recommends joining the ASG Technologies team.

  • Nick Carrillo

    People at ASG

  • Vivek Vallathol

    Nimbleness & Support @ASG

  • Derek Simmons

    Leadership Support

  • Leann Davis

    Leadership Involvement

  • Petra Bulka

    Involved Leadership Culture

  • Tish Dawson

    Honest, Compassionate and Caring

  • Mary Isabella

    Hiring Practices @ASG

  • Cindi Mahoney

    Helping Others at ASG

  • Tish Dawson

    Great Place to Work

  • Vivek Vallathol

    Finding Solutions @ASG

  • Tish Dawson

    Down-to-Earth Leadership

  • Rick Slone

    Culture of Empowerment

  • Jason Thomas

    Creating a Competitive Edge

  • Jason Thomas

    Community Based Culture

  • Chad Webber

    Collaborative, Winning Culture

  • Alex Derby

    Business Operations Philosophy

  • ASG Technologies in Chennai, India

  • Mary Isabella

    ASG Team is known for long term tenure

  • Leann Davis

    An Exciting Place to Be

  • Cindi Mahoney

    A Company with Swagger

  • Rick Slone

    Delivery Value to Our Customers

  • Alex Derby

    Big Enough to Matter, Small Enough to Care

ASG Core Values

Be Accountable

  • Understanding our roles
  • Collaborating & freely sharing information
  • Acting on behalf of the company as a team

Think Big

  • Recognizing that we are one global team
  • Taking calculative risks
  • Having a strong bias for action

Create Innovative Products

  • Building products that are intuitive, simple and meaningful while being functional
  • Adhering to the very highest standards - never second best

Deliver Results

  • Making and keeping our commitments
  • Focusing on data-driven decisions
  • Being hard on issues - not individuals

Ensure Customer Success

  • Aligning our products to market opportunities
  • Ensuring customers become ASG advocates
  • Solving all customer-related issues

Women Leaders in Technology

In an industry that is constantly changing it can be hard to stay on track while keeping a work–life balance. Grab your coffee and join a few of the industry’s most influential Women Leaders for an interactive discussion covering topics ranging from current events and barriers, to how women today achieve success & balance and how we can all help promote inclusion.

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