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  • A Powerful Enterprise Metadata Repository
  • ASG's Enterprise Metadata Repository provides business and technical users with the ability to effectively locate, understand, and manage information that supports their daily business operations.

ASG's Enterprise Metadata Repository maximizes the business value of data, and helps IT organizations see the value in their data and information assets. It provides business and technical users with source-to-target data lineage and quick data facts about their data and systems across the enterprise. ASG's Enterprise Metadata Repository supports Data Management and Governance, Regulatory Compliance, and Impact Analysis. It provides supports for both distributed and mainframe environments and a wide variety of databases, ETL tools, Data Warehouse, and Business Intelligence technologies.


ASG-Rochade provides functionality across data warehouse management, data governance, regulatory compliance, and impact analysis.

  • Supports Data Governance InitiativesSupports both data governance and regulatory compliance by defining information based on corporate standards and definitions

  • Supports Impact Analysis Views all impacts of proposed changes to the data integration environment before they are implemented

  • Supports over 140 distinct technologiesSupports a variety of Databases, ETL Tools, Programming Languages, Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence Tools

  • Provides end-to-end Data Lineage Provides a dynamic visual map that shows all the data flows and dependencies in the environment

  • Technical and Business RationalizationIdentifies over lapping processes, applications and data asset eliminating duplications and redundancies


ASG-Rochade provides comprehensive visibility across all units, granting mangers the ability to make clearer and more accurate decisions.

  • Provides Information Traceability Facilitates audit processes and establishes information credibility

  • Foundation for Data Governance Initiative Supports both data governance and regulatory compliance by defining information based on corporate standards and definitions

  • Provides an Enterprise View of Information Assets Provides business and technical users with a single version of truth about data and systems across the enterprise


Our initial project was for data lineage and the meeting of Federal compliance guidelines, but the real sell was the quality of the code and the metrics that demonstrated the ROI of using the tool. We can now also look at potential impacts of code quality, simplify data center applications, modernize platforms, and be strategically set to deliver for the changing needs of our customer base, while at the same time accomplishing that without less risk, more responsibility, and at lower costs.

Senior VP Architect Manager Information Architecture, Large Global Financial Institute

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