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ASG-ViewDirect Product Suite

  • Enterprise Content Management, Storage, and Archiving
  • The ASG-ViewDirect® Suite is a scalable, full-featured, fully-integrated, ECM system that delivers fit-for-purpose ECM solutions. It manages all content regardless of type, volume, platform, storage device or viewing client in distributed and mainframe environments.

The ASG-ViewDirect Suite manages all of your organization’s content throughout its life cycle and has the flexibility to incorporate new forms of content as they are introduced. To satisfy ever-changing requirements and achieve all organizational content-related goals, the ASG-ViewDirect Suite has a robust underlying architecture capable of supporting any content from any source. It can also manage the explosive growth of all types of records and content while guaranteeing their long-term integrity and availability. The ASG-ViewDirect Suite offers unmatched performance and a rich set of features that customize content for any distribution channel. It makes content available to support business operations and mitigates the risks and costs associated with legal and regulatory compliance.


The ASG-ViewDirect Suite is the only enterprise content management solution that supports:

  • Any contentProvides direct access to any content type from any source and requires no third-party software to process these formats.

  • Any volumeImposes no limits on repository size or user numbers.

  • Any platformUsers obtain a logical, single-system view of content distributed across multiple repositories and hardware platforms.

  • Any storage deviceArchives can be stored on any storage device, including tape, disk, optical, CD, and DVD.

  • Any clientDelivers and presents any content to authorized users through their client of choice.


The ASG-ViewDirect Suite assists organizations achieve:

  • Cost ReductionMulti-platform support on both distributed and mainframe systems, providing the best-of-breed solution.

  • Content IntegrationGives users a logical, single-system view of content in multiple, disparate repositories, databases and file systems.

  • Enhanced SecurityMulti-level security with complete audit trail. Single sign-on to multiple repositories using any security mechanism.

  • Productivity ImprovementWorkflow ensures that content is routed to review, modify, approve, etc., based on defined business processes

  • ComplianceAutomatic acquisition, classification, retention and disposition of records for both mainframe and distributed environments.

  • Information GovernancePerforms spot audits each time data is created or content is added to a system

  • FlexibilityConsolidate information from multiple sources automatically into single federated views. Apply comprehensive retention policies.

  • ControlConvert documents on-the-fly from one format to another without modifying the source. Integrate content at the content level.


We’ve seen a significant reduction in the amount of paper documents to be stored, resulting in huge savings in manual management while achieving compliance.

Project Manager of IT Services, Postecom

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