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  1. a

    1. ASG Application Problem Determination and Debug Suite

      Understand, Manage and Extend Existing Applications to Support Changing Enterprise Circumstances, in the Most Cost-effective Manner

    2. ASG's Application Discovery and Understanding Suite

      Control and Drastically Reduce the Burden of the Software Maintenance Process

    3. ASG's CA-IDMS Software Products

      ASG Software Solutions for CA-IDMS Relational Database Management System on z/OS

  2. b

    1. ASG-becubic

      Enhances Application Manager’s Productivity and Supports Application Investment Management and Information Understanding

  3. c

    1. ASG CloudFactory

      A Proven Suite of Products to Plan, Build, and Manage Modern Cloud Platforms

    2. ASG-Change Tracker™

      One Easy-to Use Solution Combining File Integrity Monitoring, Change and Configuration Management and Device Hardening

    3. ASG-CloudAssessment

      Defining Your Phased Cloud Roadmap to Simplify the Cloud Challenge

    4. ASG-CloudCockpit

      A Future-proof, Intuitive Workspace With End-to-End Aggregation and Security

    5. ASG-CloudFactory/MF

      A Game-Changing Solution to Simplify and Accelerate Mainframe Management

    6. ASG-CloudRobot

      A Unique Self-Service and Provisioning Workflow Engine

    7. ASG-CloudShaper

      Data Center Automation Powered by Fully-Automated Deployment and Life Cycle Management for Server Infrastructure

    8. ASG-CloudStore

      Empower your Business Users with IT-as-a-Service

    9. ASG-CorreLog

      Advanced Security Event Correlation and Log Management

    10. ASG-Cypress Suite

      Document Output, Print and Customer Communications Management

  4. d

    1. ASG Data Protection and Management Suite

      Enterprise Data Protection from Laptops to Servers, from Remote Offices to Data Centers, Across all Platforms

    2. ASG-Digital Archive

      For Preserving and Protecting Digital Content in File-Based Workflows

    3. ASG-Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM)

      Provides a Deep Level of Understanding Within an Application and IT Infrastructure

    4. ASG-DocumentDirect for the Internet

      Browser-based Content Searching, Viewing, Retrieval and Web Delivery

  5. i

    1. ASG-IT Asset Management

      Provides Organizations Comprehensive Visibility of Their IT Assets

    2. ASG-IT Financial Management

      Supports the Asset Financial Life Cycle Management from Budgeting to Procurement and Charge Back

    3. ASG-IT Service Management

      Provides Organizations With a Consistent, Precise View of All IT and Business Services They Support

    4. ASG-ITASM - IT Asset Service Management Suite

      ASG-ITASM Helps Organizations Identify Which IT Services Deliver the Most Value, and Which Deliver Little or No Value

  6. j


      Analyzing JCL and Enforcing JCL Standards and Syntax


      Comprehensive Production JCL Management

  7. l

    1. ASG-License Compliance Solution

      Helps Manage an Enterprise's Installed Software, Implementation, and License Compliancy Program

    2. ASG-Life Cycle Manager

      Provides Organizations With Accurate Change Control in Multiple Software or Document Configurations

    3. ASG-Live Navigator

      Endpoint Data Protection for Remote Offices, Desktops, Laptops and File Servers

  8. m

    1. ASG Metadata Management

      A key enabler of enterprise information and knowledge management that provides business users with the ability to effectively locate understand and manage information assets that supports the daily IT and business operations.

    2. ASG-metaGlossary

      Certified Business Definitions and Terms That Are Used Throughout an Organization

    3. ASG-Mobius Luminist

      ASG-ViewDirect Viewer for Apple iOS Devices

  9. n

    1. ASG-NaviPlex and ASG-Navigraph

      For Enterprise Performance Management on z/OS

  10. o

    1. ASG-OpsCentral

      Centralized Management of Enterprise Scheduling Workloads

    2. ASG-Outbound Enterprise

      For Multi-Platform File Transfers

  11. p

    1. ASG-PERFMAN for UNIX and Linux

      For Visibility and Insight to Avoid Problems, Reduce Costs, and Do More With Less for UNIX and Linux Platforms

    2. ASG-PERFMAN for VMware

      For Discovery, Analysis, Planning, Consolidation, Implementation, Monitoring, and Management of VMware Environments

    3. ASG-PERFMAN for Windows

      For Optimizing the Performance of Your Windows IT Infrastructure

    4. ASG-PERFMAN for z/OS

      For a Complete View Into the Performance of Your Mainframes, Their Peripherals, and the Level of Resources Being Used

    5. ASG-PERFMAN Suite

      IT Utilization Competency Through Comprehensive Capacity Planning and Modeling

    6. ASG-PRO/JCL

      Advanced Production JCL Management

  12. r

    1. ASG-Records Manager

      Electronic Records Management for Distributed and Mainframe Systems

    2. ASG-Remote Desktop

      Delivers Secure Remote Access to Your Servers and Workstations in Real Time.

    3. ASG-Report.Web

      For Web-Enablement and Distribution of Reports in Legacy and ERP Systems

    4. ASG-RiverGlass for eDiscovery ™

      For Radically Reducing Document Search, Review Time and Cost

    5. ASG-Rochade

      A Powerful Enterprise Metadata Repository

  13. s

    1. ASG-Safari® Suite

      Centralized Data Management and Flexible Reporting

  14. t

    1. ASG-Time Navigator

      A High-Performance Backup and Recovery Solution

    2. ASG-TMON Change Manager for CICS TS and System Definition Auditor Feature

      For Change Management of IBM CICS Transaction Server System Definitions

    3. ASG-TMON for CICS TS for z/OS

      Monitoring and Management of IBM CICS Transaction Server (TS) on z/OS


      For Total Performance Problem Resolution in CICS/TS for VSE

    5. ASG-TMON for DB2

      Monitoring and Management of IBM DB2 on z/OS

    6. ASG-TMON for IMS

      Monitoring and Management of IBM TM/DB on z/OS

    7. ASG-TMON for TCP/IP

      For Extensive Management of TCP/IP Network Performance

    8. ASG-TMON for VTAM

      For Complete Performance Management of IBM's Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (VTAM)

    9. ASG-TMON for WebSphere MQ and WebSphere MQ Enterprise Edition

      Monitoring and Management of IBM WebSphere MQ on z/OS and Distributed Platforms.

    10. ASG-TMON for z/OS

      Proactively Monitor and Manage Your z/OS System in Real Time

    11. ASG-TMON for z/VSE

      For Monitoring and Management of IBM z/VSE Systems and Applications

    12. ASG-TMON Suite

      Monitor System Availability with Business Performance Management Software

    13. ASG-Total Content Integrator

      Content Search, Aggregation and Integration Across Disparate Repositories and Databases

    14. ASG-Total Content Integrator for Microsoft SharePoint

      Enterprise Content Aggregation, Integration, Retention and Information Governance for Microsoft SharePoint Users.

    15. ASG-TriTune

      ASG-TriTune Identifies the Root Cause of Application Performance Inefficiencies in Mainframe Applications

  15. v

    1. ASG-ViewDirect Repository

      Enterprise Content Storage and Long-Term Archiving

    2. ASG-ViewDirect Suite

      Enterprise Content Management, Storage, and Archiving

    3. ASG-ViewDirect-Audit and Balancing System (ABS)

      Enterprise Content and Data Matching, Validation and Reconciliation

  16. w

    1. ASG-Workload Analyzer

      Precise Workload Analysis

  17. z

    1. ASG-Zack

      Automated Systems and Event Management

    2. ASG-Zack/VSE

      Automated Console Management

    3. ASG-Zara

      Automated Tape Management

    4. ASG-Zebb

      Automated Process Rerun Management

    5. ASG-Zeke

      For Enterprise-wide Systems Management and Job / Process Management for z/OS and z/VSE

    6. ASG-Zena

      Cross-Platform Scheduling and Workload Automation

    7. ASG-Z-Team Suite

      Simplify Multi-Platform Workload Scheduling and Management to Lower Costs

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